Increase Child’s Immunity

Increase  Child’s Immunity

How often does your child fall sick? Although a fever or two a year is completely normal, such random fevers are also completely avoidable. There are many children who rarely ever fall unwell, and there is no reason why your child cannot be one of them. Read on.

Unlike the advertisement of a popular antiseptic soap, your child does not have to wash his hands with a disinfectant in order to secure 100 percent attendance in school. In fact, studies suggest that viruses keep on developing newer and newer strains to counter disinfectants. One school of thought suggests that regular use of disinfectants reduce your immunity, and increases the immunity of germs to the disinfectant! In order to increase your child’s immunity, it is necessary for him to have a little exposure to germs. Don’t keep sending him to the bathroom to wash his hands with antiseptic every time he ruffles the dog. Let him wash his hands with regular soap before meals, and just with water at other times during the day, unless, of course, his hands are filthy. Even then, washing hands clean with water should suffice.

Medication tends to reduce immunity and slowly weaken the body. So the more you medicate your child, the more likely he is to fall sick again, with the result that he will require further medication. Some medications of course may be necessary, but as far as possible they should be avoided and you should try to get your child off medication as soon as possible.

Few things are as easy to whip up in a hurry as sandwiches, and the best part is that kids love them. However, avoid feeding your kids sandwiches made from white bread, even though your kids prefer them. Processed foods such as white bread, white pasta and anything made from maida should be avoided as they suppress the body’s natural immunity. Similarly, opt for unrefined rice instead of processed rice, especially if your kids are rice eaters. Unprocessed rice and brown rice is a healthy and wholesome meal, and can be had daily.

White sugar is something you may not be able to do without since you are so used to the taste, but try to keep your child away from white sugar. Brown sugar is more expensive, but is a healthier substitute, and so is jaggery. You may not be able to substitute sugar with jaggery in your daily cup of tea, but there is no reason why your child will not enjoy a glass of milk and jaggery with his favourite cereal. So put your child on the road to health by eliminating white sugar from his diet.

Foods your child should eat more of to increase his immunity include:
Fresh fruits
Vegetables, leafy greens
Whole grain wheat
Whole grain ricefruits, vegetables, beans, legumes,

Berries, especially blue berries, are rich in anti-oxidants and are excellent for increasing your child’s immunity. Vitamin supplements, especially Vitamin C, also go a long way in improving your child’s health.

Home Remedies For Increasing Immunity in Children

  • Give the child to eat some Almonds (badam) daily.

  • Make the child to eat Guava (amarud) fruit every day, which increases Vitamin C and improves Immune system.

  • Yogurt (dhahi) must be given to the child regularly.

  • Taking Carrot regularly increases the Immune system.

  • Intake of sugar must be reduced in order to increase Immunity.

  • Make powder of Aswagandha root and add 3 to 4 grams to milk. Drink this milk to renovate energy levels.

  • Prepare a mixture of powdered Liquorice (mulethi) root and add Honey (shahad) and ghee to it. Give this to child.

  • Taking some Basil (tulsi) leaves daily increases the immune system.