Increasing Appetite In Children

Home remedies for Increasing Appetite In Children
The first thing that you can try doing is giving them snacks in between meals. This is believed to encourage eating on a regular basis. It will over time become a habit which will cause your child to move in the right direction. Make sure to NOT force your child to eat because it will just cause them to rebel against eating even more. You can also try eating snacks with them so they don’t feel as if the problem is revolving around them ONLY.

Stimulating your child’s appetite is another way to rid your child of a low appetite. You can try exercising and or walking for an hour or so a day. Constant movement and activity has been known to stimulate the appetite, causing hunger.

If none of these things seem to work for your child’s appetite then you can try a few natural remedies that are good for enhancing a low appetite. Ginger Root is really good for people with low appetites. It works well with indigestion, constipation, morning sickness, and nausea. You can have your child chew ginger with a small sprinkle of rock salt and lime juice. This will get their appetite rolling. If this doesn’t sound appealing to your child, you can just give them a simple ginger tea to drink a half an hour before you are going to feed them a meal.

Alfalfa is an appetite stimulate that has been used for years in the herbal world. Chinese medicine use Alfalfa extensively in remedies pertaining to the digestive system. You can give your child one teaspoon daily to help increase their appetite. It also helps with their bowel movements. So if your child is having trouble moving bowels, this would be a great remedy for them.

Powdered root of Horseradish is particularly a great home remedy to use to stimulate a healthy appetite. You can give your child one teaspoon three times a day before meals. This will help to create gastric juices which is a sign of hunger.

Aloe Vera is the number one choice for stimulating appetites. It heals the mucous area (that is located around the openings in the body) and it also works on bowel disorders. If all else fails, try using Aloe vera. One teaspoon daily is all that is needed.

It’s always best to try the all natural before you go with the extreme. Most times child with low appetites are just going through a phase. With a little help and a small push, you can get going in the right direction.