Increasing Breast Milk Prouction

Increasing Breast Milk Production:
• Breast milk is a very important nutritional source for babies as it:
   o Strengthens the immune system
   o Increases memory and IQ
• Low milk supply can put the baby at risk of malnutrition
• The milk production can be limited due to:
   o Any illness
   o Consuming birth-control pills
• Certain hormonal disorders
• Infrequent breastfeeding by the mother due to cracked or painful nipples
Natural home remedy using fenugreek seeds and cow/goat/camel milk:
1. Take some washed fenugreek seeds
2. Crush them to powder
3. Mix 1 tbsp of this powder in milk from a cow, goat or camel
4. Drink 3 glasses of this milk every day
• It stimulates the milk producing glands. Diabetic and asthmatic women should avoid this remedy.
Natural home remedy using drumstick juice:
1. Drink ½ glass of drumstick juice every day
• This will stimulate the mammary glands. It will also open up veins around the breast, which will
   increase the supply of milk.
• Keep the body hydrated by drinking water and juices through the day
• Have a nutritious diet and increase your daily calorie intake
• Using a warm compress on your breast before the feeding session increases the blood supply in the