Increasing Height

In these days many people suffering from a generic disorder is called puniness, for the reason of insufficient nutrients or underdeveloped hormones. Due to this deficiency the many people become subjected to embarrassment and inferiority.

That’s it! So how can they increase their height?

Ayurvedic home remedy for increasing height and it make you body curvy and healthy but firstly I’m discuss about the things are needed to prepare the remedy.

Materials and methods are as follows: – 
Ingredients: –

1. Ashwagandha root (Asagandh)
2. Sugar-candy or Sugar
3. Milk

Note:- Ashwagandha is Known as Withania somnifera.

Method for Prepare the Remedy: – 
Take some of Ashwagandha root and clean it then make the Fine powder by grinding. After that take equal amount of sugar or sugar candy and make the powder and filter both mixers. After that mixed both the mixers and keep that mixture in a glass vessel or pot. That’s remedy is ready for use.

Treatment Method: – 
Ashwagandha Flower
Take two teaspoons or 6 gram of remedy with 200 ml of milk at every night before you go to sleep. Take this remedy continuously 45 days and you will get not only increasing height, but also your body become more Curvy and attractive.

And also relieve from weakness, headache, Arthritis, and Back pain from this remedy.

Special Factors: – 
1. Warm nature people should not use this remedy.
2. You should use this remedy for 45 days.
3. Fast food is forbidden.
4. Cow’s milk is more beneficial for this remedy.