Infant fever

Let’s find out what are the top 20 home remedies to cure cold, cough and fever for infants:

Saline Drops

Prepare fresh saline drops every day by mixing ¼ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water. Rest your baby down with his chin slightly tilted up. Slowly place one or two saline drops  with an eyedropper in each nostril. Try to maintain your child’s head at rest for a few seconds. Wipe the dropper after every use. This will help you in clearing your baby’s nose.

Use Humidifiers

Place a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer where your child sleeps, feeds or plays. This helps them to breathe easily.

Steamy Air

Bath your child in a steamy bathroom to relax them. Put on the hot shower and let your baby experience the steamy air for about 10 minutes. The steam will help to loosen up the mucus effectively.

Sponge Bath

If your baby is suffering from fever, you can bring down the body temperature by giving him a sponge bath dipped in lukewarm water. As the water evaporates, the baby’s body will slowly cool, bringing down the body temperature.

Wash Cloths

Take two wash cloths, dip it into egg whites and cover the little one’s feet with them. Cover it with loose socks. It will immediately bring down the temperature.

Vapor rubs (3 months and older)

Vapor rub helps to sleep better. You can gently rub the child’s chest, back and neck area with camphor and menthol vapor rubs. Alternatively, you can use well ground nutmeg to extract the cold from the infant’s body.


Soup and warm liquids (6 months and older)

Warm liquids being very soothing help in relieving chest congestion. Studies have shown that chicken soup actually helps in alleviating cold symptoms like fever, congestion, aches and fatigue.

Fluids (6 months and older)

An infant with fever, cough and cold usually breathes faster than normal, which causes dehydration. Drinking lots of other fluids along with breast milk will keep the baby hydrated and flush all the nasal secretions. You can give them any fluid which is clear of tea, coffee and/or colas.

Lost of rest


A lot of the energy in the body is lost when fighting an infection, resting helping in curing any form of disease. Ensure that your baby rests as much as possible to fight off the symptoms of fever, cold or secondary infections like cough.


Honey helps in soothing and taming cold. Dip your finger in honey and let the baby lick it two three times in a day.

Carom Seeds

Boiling water along with carom seeds and tulsi leaves can help alleviate coughs. It helps in relieving chest congestion.


Massage the baby’s body gently by using warm mustard oil mixed with garlic on the chest, back and neck area. Also cover the baby’s palm and feet with the oil for a quick relief.


Tap, Tap and Tap

To smash the congestion, tapping the baby’s body gently helps. Stretch the infant across your lap with his face down. Cup your hand and tenderly tap the back, starting from the bottom to the top.

Dress the baby appropriately

Dress your infant lightly and don’t wrap them up with heavy blankets. Dressing too heavy or warm on a baby will only raise their fever.

Avoid mosquito repellents


When your baby is suffering from fever or cold, ensure that you do not use mosquito repellents as it can cause unwanted allergy.

Sleeping pattern

Keep the pillow of the infant slightly elevated so that he can breathe easily during nasal clogging. Also make sure you keep his nose clean by wiping it time and again.

Avoid Dairy Products

Dairy products like cow’s milk are mucous producers. So, till the time your baby is suffering, make sure you breast feed him and avoid outside milk.

Maintain Hygiene

While touching the baby, make sure you clean your hands properly. Also, ensure that the baby is not surrounded by sick children or adults to avoid infection.

Soft food (6 months and older)

Make the infant consume soft food like popsicles and gelatin to help him fight congestion.


Onion Treatment

Onion plays a key role in healing cough, cold and fever. You can grind onion and make the baby drink its juice. Very effective, it is one of the best home remedy for all infants.

Make sure you use these 20 Home Remedies to keep your baby safe and healthy from the  timely cold, cough and fever!