‘irregular periods’

The term ‘irregular periods’ does not include only missed periods, it covers all menstruation related issues such as continuous bleeding or  occurrence of two periods within the duration of one cycle. Check out some natural ways to regularise delayed periods.

Teas and herbs: Blend culinary herb such as coriander, ginger and cilantro with green, white or black tea to make a paste. If you do not like the taste of this mixture, add lemon/honey/milk to make it palatable. Always cook dishes with a spoon of this paste. It is advised that you use fresh herbs to make the paste.

Dietary Changes: Abstain from consuming spicy and fried food. Limit your intake of sweets and sugary items such as chocolates and cakes. Excess of weight can be a potent reason for irregular periods and therefore, bringing dietary changes in your lifestyle can help to prevent further weight gain and resultant menstruation issues. Also, avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Fruits, Vegetables and Seeds: You may include pumpkin seeds, papaya, bitter gourd, snake gourd, drumsticks, grape juice, carrot juice and ginger in your diet to regularise your periods. Taking ginger with honey twice in a day on regular basis would help you to set your menstrual cycle on track. Fennel seeds are also considered an effective natural remedy for irregular periods.

Radish Seeds mixed with Buttermilk:Grind few radish seeds with water. Mix the paste with butter milk. Drink this mixture everyday to improve your condition. Drinking it early in the morning on an empty stomach should serve you best.

Parsley Juice: Get fresh parsley juice and take it at least once in the day to regularise your cycles.

Sugarcane Juice:Drinking sugarcane juice one to two weeks before you expect to menstruate will also promote regularisation of periods.
Along with following aforementioned home remedies to improve disturbed menstrual cycles, it is imperative to lead a stress-free life and take adequate rest. Moreover, indulgence in strenuous workouts for more than 30 minutes a day may also disrupt your body’s hormonal balance causing irregular periods. Choosing healthy foods and drinks is equally important to maintain regular menstrual cycles.