Health Benefits and Uses of Jamun

Fruit (Black Plum)

Jamun, popularly known as the black plum is a fruit loaded with several nutrients and has many health benefits. Glucose and fructose are the major sugars found in this summer fruit, it is also laden with minerals and has fewer calories as compared to other fruits.

It has various medicinal properties some of which are listed below:

-Jamun’s anti-diabetic properties helps in the conversion of starch or sugar into energy.

-It is a rich source of iron and hence helps in the purification of blood.

-It is a good source of vitamin A and C hence it is quite beneficial for the eye and skin health.

-It acts as a coolant and so is beneficial for treating digestive disorders.

-It works wonders in treating acne and oily skin as it has astringent properties too.

Surprising benefits of jamun

Jamun or Black plum is an important summer fruit, associated with many health and medicinal benefits. The black plum is known to relieve stomach pain, carminative, anti-scorbutic and diuretic. Jamun vinegar is good to reduce enlargement of spleen, diarrhea, and who has urine retention problems. Jamum’s ployphenolic compounds are effective against cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and arthritis. Various digestive disorders i.e. flatulence, bowel spasm, stomach disorders, dysentery are cured by jamun. It is also eaten as tonic to increase sexual activity. Jamun is known by different names such as jambul, jambas, jamun, jambolan, rajaman, kala jamun, neredu, naval, nerale, jamali, java plum, black plum and black berry.Benefits of Jamun - Black Plum

Jamun for diabetes treatment


The jamun fruit and jamun leaves are good for diabetes patient. The black plum has anti-diabetic features. Jamun helps to convert starch into energy and keep your blood sugar levels in check. In the summer season, the sugar patient should eat jamun regularly because of its low glycemic index. Jamun reduces the symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination and thrusting. The extract of bark, seeds, and leaves are too beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. In a recent study in CDRI, Lucknow, India, it has been found that the dried alcoholic extract of the seeds are good to reduce the level of blood sugar. The decoction of the bark and powdered seed is good in the treatment of diabetes. The extract of the bark, seeds and leaves are good in decreased of sugar in urine (glycouria). Jamum and jamun seeds are hypoglycemic effects. Jamun seeds powder contains jamboline, a type of glucose, which helps to control the conversion of starch into sugar.

Jamun for beauty and fair skin

Jamun seeds are used as an effective agent to treat acne. First of all crush the jamun sees and mix cow milk to it. Apply the paste before going to bed and wash it in the morning. Regular application of these ingredients is helpful in curing and treating of acne. The problem of oily skin is controlled with the mix of jamun pulp, barley flour, amla juice and rose water. Use this mix as face mask and wash when it gets dry. To control dark spots from your face, the paste of jamun seed powder, lemon powder, gram flour, few drops of almond oil and rose water, is prepared. Apply it on your face and wash it when it dries off. Jamun cures leucoderma after stimulating the melanin.

Jamun nutrition facts

The black plum has many vital nutrients. The nutrition values and nutritional properties of jamun are as follow: The jamun fruit is loaded with sugars like glucose and fructose along with lesser calories. The 100 grams of the fruit contain nutrients: calcium (15 mg), iron (1.41 mg), magnesium (35 mg), phosphorous (15 mg), sodium (26.2 mg), vitamin C (18 mg), thiamine (0.019 mg), riboflavin (0.009 mg), niacin (0.245 mg), vitamin B6 (0.038 mg), calories (62 k cal), carbohydrate (14 gm), carotene (48 ug), folic acid (3 mg), fiber (0.6 gm), fat (0.23 gm), protein (0.995 gm), water (84.75 gm).

Medicinal uses of Jamun

One of the best medicinal benefits of jamun is its anti-diabetic properties. The black plum works against diabetes and convert sugar into energy. The Jamun fruit is good for digestive system because of its coolant features. Jambul is being having astringent properties, helps to prevents acne, blemishes, wrinkles and pimples. It is also good for blood due to more amount of iron. The presence of vitamin C is beneficial for fair skin complexion. Jamun is having many bio-chemical compounds, which includes flavonoids, essential oils, gallic acid, oxalic acid, malic acid, betulic acid, etc., which are beneficial in managing and treating of many diseases.

Commercial uses of Jamun

Colored jelly is made with black plum flash by adding a commercial jelly agent. The black plum squash is prepared with jamun juice. For making squash, other ingredients such as sugar, water, citric acid and sodium benzoate are used. Sodium benzoate is used for the purpose of preservation. Besides squash, jams and candies are also made from jamun. Vinegar is made from the unripe fruit while as excellent quality of wine is prepared from ripe jamun.

Jamun to increase haemoglobin

Jamun has adequate amount of iron and vitamin C. The presence of iron in the black plum is good to increase the haemoglobin count. Jamum iron content acts as blood purifying agent. Since, it is the medium of purifying your blood; therefore, it is good for skin and beauty. Iron content is beneficial in menses where the lady faces blood loss. People suffering from anemia and jaundice should take jamun because of its high iron content.

Jamun for healthy heart

Jamun is extremely beneficial to keep heart disease at bay. The black plum is laden with potassium. 100 gram of jamun contains about 55 mg of potassium. This sufficient amount of jamun is beneficial to diseases like heart, high blood pressure, and stroke. Regular eating of jamun helps to prevent hardening of arteries.

Jamun leaves treat ulcers

The eating of jamun leaves is good in treating of digestive related disorders. Chewing and eating of jamun leaves are good in treating of diarrhea and ulcers. Jamun leaves have great significance in ayurvedic medicine. Jamum is good in prevention of liver diseases such as necrosis and fibrosis. Due to presence of bio-chemical and phytochemical substance like polyphenol, the black plum acts like as anti-cancer substance. Jamun solves acidity when it is taken along with roasted cumin powder and black salt.

Jamun for oral health

The black plum leaves are antibacterial properties and are used for strengthening teeth and gum. The leaves are astringent, considered good for throat problems. The decoction of the bark is used to wash mouth and beneficial for mouth ulceration due to its astringent effect. It is good for mouth as well as for teeth due to its acidity. Gargling of its bark helps in prevention of gums bleeding (gingivitis). Jamun leaves powder, which is obtained after drying and burning it, used as teeth powder and helpful in checking gum infection and bleeding.


Jamun juice benefits

Jamun juice has many health and medicinal benefits. Being it a seasonal fruits, one should try to have more and more amount of Jamun juice during the month of June, July and August. Some of the amazing and surprising health benefits of jamun juice are given below.

  1. Drinking of Jamun juice is used to treat digestive disorders such as diarrhea, dysentery and dyspepsia.
  2. In case of diarrhea, jamun juice is beneficial after mixing little amount of sat in it.
  3. Jamun juice along with curd is good against digestive problems.
  4. Teeth related problems can be solved by applying jamun juice or by drinking it.
  5. Jamun juice is beneficial in treating of piles and hemorrhoids.
  6. Drinking of the fresh fruit juice helps in cough and asthma.
  7. Jamun juice enhances your immune system.
  8. It protects you from cold and acts as anti-aging agent.
  9. The juice of the fruits is given in spleen enlargement and urine retention.
  10. Jamun juice should be taken to overcome the problem of female sterility.