Ligament injury

Natural Remedies for Ligament Injuries

You may be currently suffering from a twisted, sprained or torn ligament. While most intense tears may require surgery, there are several natural remedies used to recover from injuries as well.

The natural recovery methods don’t have any side effects and you can try them out even if you’re currently suffering from an intense tear. There have also been some cases where individuals with intense tears were able to recover and avoid surgery all together.

Here are some of the natural remedies you can go for. Most of them are known to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the joints, creating a ‘complete healing environment’.

1.  Yoga

Exercise is known for improving the flow of blood to muscles and joints. However, it may not be possible for you to carry out conventional weight training and cardio exercises due to injury. A good option in this case is to go for yoga as it can be done right at home and won’t cause weight being stress on the joints. It will also increase your self awareness and mindfulness.

There are several types of yoga you can choose from such as flow yoga, bikram yoga, hatha yoga etc. You can also combine breathing exercises along with different postures as they can reduce the acute pain suffered in damaged ligaments and joints.

2.  Trigger Point Therapy

Not many are aware of this therapy, but it’s quite capable of healing ligament tears. The recovery time may be long with this method, but considering it’s all natural and doesn’t even require you to take medication, it may just be the answer to your ligament damage worries.

The aftermath of injury is the formation of trigger points, which if left untreated can last for long. They prevent the ligaments from healing properly. You can perform a self-treatment session with the help of a tape ball or consult a trigger point therapist who’ll massage the trigger points around the injury to create an optimal environment for ligament healing and speed up the recovery process.

3.  Diet

Diet also plays a crucial role in healing ligament injuries. A poor nutrition plan can prevent or slow the healing process and even increase the span of time required for ligaments to heal. In case of ligament damage, you’re recommended to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, oily fish and grains such as brown rice should make the major portion of your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. University of Maryland Medical Center research reveals Vitamin C helps in healing of connective tissues. Studies also show that Omega 3 which is found in flaxseed and salmon fish speeds up the healing of injured ligaments.

4.  Innovative Heating Wraps

There are some heating products available that have been built on the basis of innovative science and technology. One of the great recovery options available is Inferno Wrap. This item promotes deep tissue healing and eliminates build-up of toxins.

Wraps like Inferno wrap also allow individuals to move freely and they are easily portable, which means you can take your treatment solution wherever you go. They have the potential to prevent your condition from becoming chronic.