Lumbar Stenosis

 Pain Management of Lumbar Stenosis

A variety of pain management techniques may be incorporated from the comfort of one’s home to effectively ease the pain and inflammation for lumbar spinal stenosis.

Ice Treatments for Lumbar Stenosis

Icing the lower back after exercise is a common treatment of spinal stenosis of the lumbar spine. The goal of ice therapy is to numb the affected area and achieve temporary pain relief.

A frozen bag of peas works well for this purpose. Simply apply the cold pack for about 10 minutes at a time. If there is a lack of sensation in the lower back area, do not use ice or heat to avoid damaging the skin.

Heat Therapy for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Heating over tight muscles in the lower back is often an effective way to achieve relief from spinal stenosis pain, as heating relaxes the muscles. Heating the affected area stimulates blood flow, which promotes and accelerates the healing process.

Hot water bottles, heating pads and heat wraps are just a few common household items that may be used to treat sciatica, back pain, leg pain and other symptoms related to lumbar stenosis.