Menstrual spot test

As a part of my Ayurveda regime, I always recommend each women to do this self test at home to check the menstrual health. During menses on all three days take a small amount of menstrual blood on a clean white cloth and allow to dry. After few minutes wash it with warm water. The blood should wash away without leaving behind any stain in normal hormonal profile. If stains are left than it indicates disrupted or about to be disrupted cycle.

Apart from above remedies, Ayurveda mentions certain protocols to be followed during menses.

Salt free diet for first 3 days
Abstain from any physical work
No bathing or only sponge clean the body with water medicated with Neem [Azadhiracta India], Nirgudi [Vitex app] or Mint [Mentha sp.] leaves
Light food preferably comprising of watery gruel’s
On the 4th day have complete head bath and start with normal food
If these protocol is followed especially for women with Hormonal disorders it can rest assure a healthy life ahead. Understand all remedies mentioned , select ones which re easy to follow for you over period of time, create a protocol with diet and follow it religiously to see improvement.

A sample protocol would be
Before sunrise : ACV / BSM/ Sesame decoction
Breakfast 8am : fruits and carrot juice
10 am : Ashwagandha/ deodar remedy
12 pm: lunch with minimal salt
4 pm : Ashwagandha / deodar
6 pm : dinner (bfr sunset)
8pm : rice water
10 pm : ACV/BSM/Sesame

During menses continue above but leave salt and take the menses decoction as additional.
This is just a sample and will help if followed meticulously. For those trying to conceive have maximum intercourse to simulate ovarian function. More than everything keep faith and patience, do not rush and keep changing physician. Ovarian build up and conception take time and must be gradually proceeded with. Of course each person requires individual treatment and some extra medicine which can only be availed by visiting a good Ayurveda physician , hence do so of conditions improve. Also discontinue or consult your physician if conditions do not improve.