Mission Healing Activities-1

Consolidated Report of HRO

The second day for the HROs, good observation by all the HRO active in different respective groups.


1)Fruitful day with posting moving on smoothly.

2) Daily msg posted by HRO on time.

3)Good co-ordintation among the Admin n the Co-Admin in posting  Questions

4) Admins also took care that no one breaks the rules and there is no mismanagement in their groups.

5) There were no activities in few groups but after a motivation message by our Manager, “Rashida Qasim Ali” it went smoothly.

5) Two healers left the group due to personal reasons


Good to see all healers not only asking  remedies for themselves but for others too.. This serves the motive of our mission healing  “The khidmat”. Sometimes a little motivation boosts them up to come forward n ask questions.

Adherence is a part of perfect management, a few groups have to be given a little tender attention.

If any uncertainities are found happening in a group, HROs kindly redress that to the respective admins personally. Please incorporate confidence in them.

Thats all from the HRO Desk

Our heartiest thanks to
“Dr Idris sir” for making us the part of this Unique Khidmat.

All the best ..

Mariam. Deesawala
HRO Coordiantor
Mission Healing.


Few lines on Mission Healing.


Khidmat ka jazbaa liye dil me..
Mission Healing ka sapna sajaaya..

Maula tus ki khushi ki hai aala niyat..
Aap maula tus ne hi yeh rasta sujhaya..

Karke ham adna khidmat guzaro ko shamil..
Whatsapp ko is khidmat ka zariya banaya..

Agar soch lo to kuch nahi hai mushkil..
Dr. Idris bhai ne yeh sabko bataya.

Jazakallah sir for making us a part of this unique khidmat.

Tasneem Yusuf ghadiyali
Assistant Manager
Mission Healing.



Chu moomeen me, karu chu Mola ni Mohabbat,
Saadiq qalb si kidi che meye khidmat ni niyyat.

Na garaz che duniya ni, na ajar ni che chaahat,
Bas talab karva chaahu chu, ek aala Atiyyat.

Che muraad em k qaamyaab thaai aa khidmat,
Ane khush thaai adna si, Allah ni Aala Beve Hikmat.

Pohnche bulandi par itni mari kismat,
Sharaf miltu rahe hamesha, nihaaru Beve Khushnuma Surat.

Nazr-e-Karam ni vo
sa-aadat,Taraashi aape maari quvvat,
Ane laayak rahu me sadaa paava ne shah ni shafakat.

Lutaau aa khidmat ma, me jaan ane madihat,
Qadmo ni dhul bani ne shaah ni,
pohnchi jaau me jannat.