Molluscum Contagiosum

Best Home Remedies for Molluscum Contagiosum

home remedies for molluscum contagiosum

Australian Lemon Myrtle

This is one of the good Molluscum contagiosum home remedy that is used successfully for treating molluscan virus. You can use it by mixing with olive oil and apply it daily using droop.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the common and available home remedies for molluscum contagiosum. It contains useful properties like antibacterial and antiseptic which is very essential to cure molluscum. It has powerful astringent that can help to reduce the growth of lesions. You can use tea tree oil directly to the infected area or use it with bath water.

Duct Tape

This one is very commonly used home remedy for treating warts and skin bumps. You can apply a small piece of duck tape on the skin bumped area for overnight and remove in the morning. Use it daily until the bumps are gone. It helps to remove the dead skin from warts and protects the virus infection.


This chemical ingredient seems to have good impact on molluscum contagiosum treatment. This works with affected skin from outside layer.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is very well known for natural bacteria fighting ingredient. It is also one of the useful home remedies for molluscum contagaiosum. Dip a cotton ball in ACV and apply directly on top of the bump and the bandage over to it. This is useful for the baby and suggested to apply before bedtime.


Use some garlic paste on the infected area and put a bandage to cover it. Remove bandage before bath and wash it carefully. You can also take garlic capsule or organic one as well.

Using vitamin

Using various vitamin combinations is a good home remedy.  You can mix vitamin oil and fish oil and apply this once a day. Also vitamin oil like- A, E oil can be helpful in this situation. Collect one from the nearby departmental shop.

Baking soda

Exfoliate damaged and dead cells can accelerate your treatment process of healing lesions as well. For this, a simple mixture can be useful – make a paste by mixing a half cup of baking soda with water. Use just before shower; rub this paste and rinse it off with water. Use this until bump disappears.

Sea Salt Scrub

Sea Salt Scrub is one of the easy yet helpful home remedies for molluscum contagaiosum that helps to cure lesions. Mix olive oil and honey with sea salt and massage it into lesions 2-3 minutes before taking shower. Wash off with clean water and dry your skin.