Morning pain

Morning pain 

Morning pain is a common symptom for us, but you may be able to relieve some of it with the right pillow or pillows. Experiment with different thicknesses, body pillows, etc. to see what works best for you.

Deep Breathing

It may sound strange, but breathing deeply may help relieve the anxiety that can come with these illnesses.

A lot of people take short, shallow breaths, which can trigger a “fight-or-flight” response in your autonomic nervous system (ANS). When you consciously slow your breathing, it likely has the opposite effect on the ANS, allowing your body and mind to relax.

Your shoulders shouldn’t move upward when you take a deep breath. Instead, direct it lower, to below your ribs, and breathe slowly. You can use this technique to try calming your body when you feel anxious, and you may want to practice it at other times as well.

 Epsom Salt

 This may sound like something your grandma used to use, but many people with FMS, ME/CFS and other chronic pain conditions do still use Epsom salt and say it helps. It’s usually added to a bath, but you can find the salts in other products as well.

Epsom salt is a traditional folk remedy that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from researchers. Because Epsom salt contains magnesium, some speculate that it raises the level of magnesium in your blood, and magnesium is thought to help ease muscle symptoms (primarily, cramping).


Heat is a great option for relaxing tight muscles, especially for those who are frequently cold and may have a hard time warming up.

A lot of heating products are available, including:

  • Heating pads (make sure you get one that shuts off automatically if you use it in bed)
  • Rice bags (rice inside a soft bag, heated in the microwave)
  • Electric blankets or mattress pads
  • Heated socks or slippers

A hot bath is the favorite for a lot of people with FMS and ME/CFS.