Home treatment for mumps:

Salt water: Take pinch of salt and add it to the lukewarm water and gargle.It may give some relief to the child from the pain.

Cold drinks: Give plenty of cold drinks but avoid acidic drinks as such as fruit juice.Let them drink through a straw if it hurts to open his mouth.If it hurts your child give semi liquid foods or liquids such as ice creams & soups.
Ginger: Take dry ginger make it into paste and mix with water.Apply the mix on swollen area around the ear.It reduce the swelling and pain in that area.
Aloevera: Alovera is the best medicine for so many health problems.Take fresh leaves of aloevera and slice it.Apply the gel on that area to get relief from pain and swelling.Rubbing ice cubes on affected area are also gives great relief from the pain.
Diet for mumps:
  • Semi liquid foods oat meal,creamy potatoes,soups(chicken or vegetable soup).
  • Non – citric fruits,vegetable juices(note do not add sugar or any preservatives in that).
  • Ginger,garlic,black pepper
  • mangoes,green leafy vegetables,vitamin c.