Nail Fungus Infections

Home Remedies for Nail Fungus


There is nothing worse than seeing discoloring on one of your fingernails or toe nails. If you are noticing pain or discoloration, then you could have a nail fungus infection. The beauty of home remedies is you can rectify this infection without ever going to the doctor. The important thing is as soon as you notice something different, to take immediate action. Here are some wonderful home remedies to choose from/

What is Nail Fungus Infection?

A Nail Fungus Infection can occur when bacteria or fungus enters nail bed through a crack in the nail or cuticle. The end result is pain, discoloration, and sometimes embarrassment. As the infection gets worse, that’s when you will see the discoloration. Because the infection can become deep, it’s important to treat as quickly, and for as long as there are symptoms.

Nail Fungus Symptoms: Natural Antibacterial Treatment
Often you will notice your nails breaking apart. You will notice because your nails become very brittle. You might also notice a fungus odor. Basically, a nail fungus is embarrassing for anyone who has it, so don’t be afraid to try a home remedies. You can and will overcome this infection. Take the right steps, and continue until the nail is completely healthy. These home remedies work and can save you from going to the doctor AND from being embarrassed.

#1 Nail Fungus Infection Home Remedy
What You Need:
Vitamin E

Treat the fungus is important step. Mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water. Soak the nail into the warm solution for approximately 15-30 minutes. Basically, as the water cools, that’s your alarm clock to take it out and dry thoroughly. Do this step twice a day. Once you’ve dried the infected nail, rub Vitamin E oil over the finger. Vitamin E will help in the healing process.

#2 Nail Fungus Infection Home Remedy

What You Need:

Vicks Vapor Rub


Vicks Vapor Run is a fabulous remedy to clear up the fungus infection from the first signs of an infection. If you aren’t against that strong Vicks Vapor Aruba smell, this is a home remedy for you. It works, although the smell can be overwhelming.

Take the Vicks and rub over the infected nail. You can add a Band-Aid if you want or let this air dry. Repeat this process in the morning and at night. The key is letting the rub work into the infected nail. If you can handle the smell, you will reap the rewards of a healthy finger. As your nail starts to grow back, keep trimming

#3 Nail Fungus Infection Home Remedy
What You Need:

Apple Cider Vinegar
Baking Soda
Warm Water


You can use this herbal mixture as a rub. I like to make a thicker paste, but you can totally change up this remedy to your personal liking. Use the apple cider in a two-step process. First, soak the toe fungus in apple cider for 10-30 minutes. Next, make a paste mixture. I like to eyeball my mixture. Add 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda into a small bowl. Then add 1 tablespoon on apple cider vinegar with a little warm water. Add more liquid as needed to make a paste mixture. Once you have the right consistency, rub on the infected toenail. Let this mixture stay on as long as possible. Repeat twice a day.

#4 Nail Fungus Infection Home Remedy

No matter what infection you have, it’s important to keep your toes and fingers clean and dry. For your feet, it’s important to always where clean socks every day. Once you take off the socks, you need to take extra steps for healthy feet.

Use some type of powder on the toenails after they are clean. Infections like dark places so make sure you take off your shoes after you get home for the day. Let your feet cool off. You can also apply either Vicks Vapor Rib, Tea Tree Oil, or Vitamin E to your toenail. The important part is keeping them cool and clean.

#5 Nail Fungus Infection Home Remedy

What You Need:
Tea tree oil
Vitamin E Oil


Tea Tree Oil is a natural remedy is a antibacterial and natural healer. Using a mixture of tea tree oil and vitamin e packs a punch on any infection. Rub this mixture on the infected area twice a day. You can also keep a tiny bottle in your purse for on the go. If you want to apply treatments throughout the day, this is a great way to do this. The dollar store always has small bottles that are perfect for this home remedy.

Home remedies are cost effective, easy to try, and a quick remedy to embarrassing situations. No matter which home treatment you choose, be consistent. Nail fungus infections can be pesky, and keep coming back. By getting yourself into a treatment system, you can not only heal the infection but keep it away.