Natural Treatment via Sujok Therapy For Grey Hair

Natural treatment for grey hair- BY Dr.FATEMA MANDVIWALA

What causes premature graying of hairs at young age, and how can I stop it?


Having white hair at a young age can make you stand out from the crowd. Most people’s hair turns grey or white as they age, But some people start seeing their first white hairs before they’re even out of their thirties. there are several reason behind this premature graying let us discuss some here.


1) One of the main reason is hair follicles malfunction. It just stop to produce melanin, the pigment that gives hair its color. The pigment in your hair is actually melanin, like the pigment in your skin. And the white hairs are simply ones that don’t have that pigment.


2) Genetics is another one of the likely causes of gray hair. Ask your parents or other relatives about family history of premature white hair. If your mother or father’s hair turned white at an early age, you may be genetically programmed for premature graying. Your genes determine when production of melanin stops, and If you inherited your gray hair, there might not be a way to prevent white hair from growing in the future.


3) Vitamin deficiency is also a reason in premature graying, especially a lack of Vitamin B. If you eat a balanced diet and don’t suffer from malnutrition, you may have pernicious anemia. In this form of anemia, your body is unable to absorb Vitamin B-12 from the bloodstream. So consult your doctor for treatment.


4) If you suffer from hypothyroidism and your thyroid fails to produce enough thyroid hormone, this may cause prematurely graying hair, according to the University of Michigan Health System. A blood test can diagnose hypothyroidism and you can take medication to make up for the hormone your body doesn’t produce naturally.


5) Smoking: Some researchers like Dr. J. G. Mosley who studied patients in the Leigh Infirmary in Lancashire, England in 1996, noticed a correlation between smoking and premature graying of hairs. Though Dr. Mosley could not prove that smoking caused gray hair, he did note that the smokers in his survey turned gray at an earlier age.


So how can u turn the table, you can certainly try to prevent white hair!


This is what I recommend:
Take charge of your health Keep fit and stay healthy, your body will work most efficiently when you are healthy, and if it’s running efficiently, it can do all the normal processes (like growing hair) better. You can try to prevent white hair by eating right, refraining from smoking and avoiding stress.


They say stress is one of the causes of gray hair, so keep yourself fit, healthy and stress-free to prevent white hair. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, including iron, copper, vitamin B and folic acid. Eat lots of fresh, green leafy veggies.


Deal with the grays you have
While you might not be able to prevent white hair completely, you can find ways to make yourself look good with the ones you’ve got. White and gray hairs can be beautiful, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your look a little bit! As long as you have a youthful glow, your white hair won’t make you look old. A streak of white or gray hair can look really chic and lovely! If you’re uncomfortable with the whites, you can look into hair dyes that will let you cover up the gray and match the darker hair you have on the rest of your head.


Natural treatment & home remedies for grey hair


Home Remedies for Grey Hair include lots of foods rich in iron, minerals and vitamin A and B. Green vegetables, yellow fruits, tomatoes, cereals, cauliflower, yogurt are rich sources of these nutrients. Drinking plenty of water and having proper diet rich in vitamins and zinc with plenty of fruits and vegetables help in delaying premature graying of hair.


1) Most beneficial treatment is use of Amla (Indian gooseberry) which is valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth & hair pigmentation. Massaging the scalp with a teaspoon of amla juice mixed with almond oil is beneficial or Boil dried Amla in coconut oil till it turns black. Apply this oil on the scalp everyday. This is a very effective home remedy for turning grey hair into black.


2) The butter made from cow’s milk has the property to prevent premature graying of hair. This can be massaged into the hair roots twice a week.


3) Daily morning intake of few black raisins with same amount of black pepper with hot milk is also beneficial for treating grey hair.


4) Foods rich in iodine like banana, carrots and fish should be included in the regular diet. Drinking butter milk with 2 teaspoons each of yeast and wheat germ is a great home remedy for grey hair. Protein rich foods such as sprouts of whole grains are also useful to fight greying of hair.


5) Massage regularly with almond oil to prevent greying of hair. Daily massage of the scalp with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice is a good home remedy for grey hair.


7) Soak grated fresh ginger in honey and store in a jar. Take a spoonful of this mixture everyday for curing grey hair.


8) Consume the juice of fresh capsicum, lettuce, carrot and alfalfa to cure copper deficiency and prevent greying.


9) Consuming yogurt with yeast is a good home remedy for premature greying of hair.


10) Massaging hair with ghee made from cow’s milk yields good results in grey hair.


11) Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and apply this on the scalp daily.


12) Use a paste made with henna powder, yogurt and fenugreek powder, coffee powder, the juice of mint and basil leaves and apply on the hair. Leave for 3 hours and wash off with mildshampoo. This gives a natural blackness and shine to the hair.


13) Fresh juice of amaranth leaves should be applied on the hair regularly as it has properties to prevent premature greying of hair.


14) Boil ribbed gourd in coconut oil and use this for daily to prevent premature greying.Always keep the scalp and hair clean


15) Combing hair regularly is a good habit, as this is another way to massage hair tissues and enhance hair growth. In addition, combing with a wide-toothed brush separates tangles and prevents hair fall and damage.


Moreover, hair is weakest when wet so, soak it dry with a towel before combing. Similarly, combing entirely dry hair is as harmful as combing wet hair. Use a comb which has soft bristles also make sure that you use it regularly as improper use of comb may also damage your hair at times.


16) Regular conditioning of hair is essential these days as hair is most exposed to pollutants, dirt, sun, wind and rain, and harsh chemicals. Covering up your hair on a sunny day will reduce browning and drying of hair. Regular conditioning will improve and strengthen the look of your hair. Hair conditioners are of two types: Natural and synthetic.


Natural and organic conditioners are less harmful and can give an additional glow to your hair.

Synthetic may be pathetic, yes it may cause some damages to your hair due to the chemicals present in