Pains in the Calf &Leg

Home Remedies: Herbs for Pains in the

Leg & Calf

Fenugreek Seeds: is an important herbal remedy for curing leg pain. Mix dried fenugreek seed powder in one full glass of water and drink it daily in the early morning hours. Fenugreek can prove to be a source of cure particularly for those suffering from pain in the legs & calf for a long time. Fenugreek forms rich sources of carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamin A and C, iron, calcium and minerals. It also contains “Diosgenin” and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties due to which it is useful for relieving pain.

Vinegar: Vinegar is an acetic acid and is it has been found to relieve paid in the legs and calf muscles. Thoroughly dip a cloth pad in vinegar and place it on the area on inflammation. Made from fresh naturally sweet cider fermented into an alcoholic beverage, Vinegar contains more than thirty important nutrients, a dozen minerals, over half a dozen vitamins and essential amino acids, and several enzymes. Application of Vinegar can also prove to be source of quick relief from pain arising due to bee stings and insect bites and the like.

Clove Oil: Application of clove oil can provide immediate relief from pains in the leg and calf muscles which generally occur due to cramps and sprains. It is also helpful in cases of arthritis and rheumatism. Clove Oil contains antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac and stimulating properties which make it a very commonly used herbal remedy. Clove oil used for massage with a pinch of salt can prove to be a great remedy to relax tensed muscles and nerves and also eliminates the symptoms of exhaustion.

Ginger: Ginger can be an important remedy in case of chronic pain in the legs. Ginger has been an important component of Indian and Chinese form of medicine for many centuries. Through called “ginger root” it is actually a rhizome and is available in various forms – whole raw roots, whole fresh roots, dried roots, powdered ginger, preserved or stem ginger and crystallized ginger. The primary known constituents of Ginger Root include gingerols, zingibain, bisabolenel, oleoresins, starch, essential oils, mucilage, and protein. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties help relieve pain and reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, rheumatism and muscle spasms.