Urticaria can be a very annoying thing to have to deal with- especially papular urticaria. This type of urticaria causes papules to form on the body. It is usually recurring. There are some that may come up in different areas of the body by themselves, and other times there may be clusters of them. This type of hives is found more commonly in the spring and summer than it is in the fall and winter. Sometimes, when the weather is really warm, it can happen year round.

This type of papular urticaria can be very hard to deal with. It can even become disabling. Most of the time they come up in clusters, and not just one by one. There are some people who are more prone to this type of hives. Most of the time, it is certain people such as children, males, or people who live in certain areas that are affected most.

You will find that most of the time these papules can look like insect bites or bug bites. While they can come up just about anywhere on your body, they are mostly found on the arms or legs. You should never scratch them, because that will only cause them to get worse. Dealing with papules or pistules can be very frustrating. If you burst them, they can spread even more. Impetigo can also be a cause of this.

It is hard to tell what exactly causes papular urticaria. Most of the time it happens when people have extra sensitive skin and are exposed to bug bites. This is not the only thing that can cause them. It is important to try to see what exactly is causing yours so that you can stay away from the things that are causing your problems and hives.



You can use various topical lotions and natural substances to reduce the itching and provide relief from the papules. Cucumber juice has a cooling effect and can be applied to the affected areas. You could also try unflavored yogurt as a substitute for commercial calamine solutions to provide relief from the itching. Adding some turmeric powder to the yogurt will provide some level of antiseptic protection as well. Some people have also reported reduced itching by applying aloe vera gel directly on the papules. Honey is another option, though it can get somewhat messy.

There are some effective home treatments that can reduce the severity of the symptoms of hives. The cold compresses applied to the affected areas and cool showers tend to work well. The bath with cool water with some baking soda dissolved in it is also known to help. In the cases in which the allergic reaction that causes the hives is due to a certain type of food or additive the condition can be avoided by the exclusion of the respective products from the meal. The so called elimination diet is often time consuming, but it can show the type of food intolerance the sufferer from hives has.