• Ayurveda can cure Paralysis

Paralysis is one of those diseases which need quick treatment and care. The body is said to be in paralyzed stage when there is complete loss of muscle function for one or more group. This is mainly caused because of the damage caused to the nervous system. Minor paralysis can be cured easily, but the major ones need more time to be cured.


Paralysis can consume a human body completely or partially. Partial paralysis will affect a part of the body and complete paralysis make the whole body in paralyzed state. Paraplegia is the term used when paralysis affect the lower part of the body whereas Quadriplegia is the term used for paralysis of arms and legs. Paralysis mainly occurs due to strokes or injuries. Minor paralysis can be cured easily, but the major ones need more time to be cured.


Paralysis can be cured through various treatment methodologies used in Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and so on. Reasearches say that Ayurvedic treatments for paralysis include diet control. The person is supposed to eat freshly cooked food. Anything that is bitter, pungent and astringent in taste, should be avoided over the period of time. A strict diet which should be followed to make sure no barley, millet and rye is consumed. Certain dry fruits such as apple, figs, pears, and pomegranate are not advisable. White meat like poultry and fish is preferred than red meat like beef, pork and mutton.


Ashwagandha commonly known as Winter Cherry is used to cure paralysis. Bala known as Country Mallow is also considered as an effective herb for the treatment of paralysis. Apart from this, special therapies and other types of treatments are used to cure paralysis in Ayurveda. Apart from this, some therapies involve application of medicated oils in the affected regions.


Sometimes Nasya, that is use of nasal drops extracted from special herbs has also shown positive results in curing paralysis.

Paralysis Treatment: What Is The Best

Treatment For Paralysis Due To A Stroke

In The Brain ?

Stroke in the brain is deadly and can lead to heart attack. When the blood supply to the brain is blocked and the brain cells are starved of oxygen leading to death of certain cells and damage to certain brain cells. Symptoms of the stroke can vary for different people as it depends on which part of the body is affected. However general symptoms of stroke are weakness, numbness, and paralysis, inability to speak and understand.

Paralysis can affect the face, arms and the legs or entire one side of the body. Paralysis can have difficulty in walking, speaking and swallowing.

Bromelain can be helpful in preventing the stroke. Take 1500 mgs of bromelain three times a day. Take 180 to 240 mgs of gingko a day which will help in preventing stroke. Have 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil a day .Consume 3000 mgs of Vitamin C a day.

These supplements need to be taken after doctor’s advice. A team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists can help in recovering from paralysis.