Paralysis makes a patient helpless in every way. The organs affected by paralysis stops working totally. In some cases the patient looses his consciousness also. Paralysis is a type of arthritis. Men are affected more than women by this disease. Lakhs of people are affected by this disease in India. If the patient affected by this disease is not treated properly either dies or remains disable for ever. In an advance country like America nearly 50 lakh people are affected by paralysis. When the main artery gets obstructed and the flow of blood in the brain is affected or when the nerve that supplies blood to the brain bursts then the patient gets the paralytic stroke. In an aged person the fat bundles up these arteries. As a result the walls of the arteries get blocked or become thick.


Thus the brain fails to function smoothly due to lack of blood. As the brain does not get the blood required the person suffers a paralytic stoke. In case either the right or the left side of the body stops working and the whole body becomes inactive.




Paralysis can happen due to some defect since birth. It can happen due to excessive flow of blood in the brain, it can happen due to thrombosis or high blood pressure, due to imbolism, or blocks in the vein or due to grave head injury.




In the beginning of the disease the body organs becomes numb again and again. It becomes stiff and trembles. The patient gets sprain and his body becomes heavy and it starts shaking. He feels weak and the shape of its body becomes distorted.


His body stops working, face changes, His hearing power and memory gets affected. The tongue can not function properly and the food keeps falling from the mouth. He can not speak properly. He can not close his eyes or fist. He does not even come to know when he is passing the motion or urinating. In away he leads a dramatic life. His legs fail to carry his weight. As a result his body trembles while walking he becomes unsteady and at times falls down.




Take ½ kg roughly grounded roots of sugarcane and boil it in water. When quantity of water reduces and becomes 1 kg strain it. Mix same quantity of Misri and six gram of each of piple bamsalochan, black pepper, cardamom and mulethi. Keep it on slow fire and stir it and make the syrup. Take 1-2 grams regularly it will help. Grind the root of Akarkara into a fine paste. Mix it with mahua oil and massage it. Drinking 20-40 ml. liter radish oil two to three times a day also helps to cure paralysis. Mix 625 milligram of black pepper powder and 625 milligram of sunti powder with honey and take it twice and thrice a day. This cures the distorted shape of the face of a person affected by paralysis. Do’s


One should take drumsticks, garlic pomegranate, aranya oil, ghee from cow’s milk, butter, coconut water, fruit juice, ripe palm fruit and dry raisin, should control one’s blood pressure, and have seasonal fruits and oil massage. Sun bathing is also very effective in this case. Should do pranayam and exercise according to the advice of the doctor. Should help the sugar under control, use less of salt and go for a walk regularly.




Should not smoke and drink, should not take stale food. Should not eat gas producing items and should not over exercise. Should not worry or keep away till late night. Should avoid anger and stay away from sexual activity.


A paralytic patient can be cured if he is taken to a qualified doctor in time and given proper treatment. There are hundred of yogic asana which can cure paralysis. One should get a proper qualified yogic teacher to get rid of the disease completely. Our institute has sure shot treatment to this disease.