• Take 100 grams of barberries aristata ,neem beads and Mesua ferrea, uluva 50 grams, suhaga herb 25 grams grind them all into powder and create small nodules, have 3-4 nodules twice daily with curd before meal.
  • Take black pepper powder with honey 3-4 times a day to cure piles.
  • Take 25 grams of black pepper and 12 grams of cumin seeds grind them properly. Have the mixture half a spoon with honey 2 times a day to get rid off piles.
  • Take 100 grams of wash nut,  roast them over flat pan covering with a bowl for half an hour wait till it turns residue, grind cool residue into powder, take 40 grams of white cutechu, and 3 grams of kustha faulad mix them well into fine powder mixture. Have 1 gram twice daily morning and evening with butter,  post drink 250 grams of milk. Continue this for 20 -25 days and get relieve from painful, bleeding piles.
  • Take 6 grams of camphor, 3 sulfadiazine tablets, 6 grams of  boric acid mix them well and add them in  50 grams of petroleum jelly, apply the blended cream massage properly inside out before bedtime, in morning before bowel time .  Applying this home made cream for piles proves miracle in removing piles.
  • Take 10 grams of marigold leaves,5 beads of black pepper,10 grams of rock sugar, rub and filter all the content in 60 grams of water and drink it once a day regularly for 4 days.