Product training lessons-1

 Hello friends..

BNS has 5 category product’s.. namely:

*House hold*
*General health*
*Prescription products*

You all are well aware of cosmetics, food and house hold products.. Right!

So today let me start product training session with the introduction of general health and prescription products.

*General health products are those product’s which can be used by anyone for the maintainance of good health and to overcome general weakness as well as nominal health issues*.

Such products are:

*Musli Forte Malt*
*Mulsi drops*
*Kaunch beej powder*
*Kalonji oil*
*Kid’s energy powder*
*Energy flavoured drinks*
*Accupressure slipper*
*Accupressure Board*
*Painvati Tab*
*Detox Therapy Kit*
*Alka Plus water*
*Ashwagandha tab*
*Neem tab*
*Honey Cough Syrup*
*Indi cough syrup*
*Rahat Oil*
*Moon balm*
*Brain tonic 53*

*Prescription products are those product’s which needs our consultancy before you start with it, without our consent it may prove wrong treatment for you with no benefits in your health issues*.

Such products are:
*Flaxseed softgel*
*Femicordial syrup*
*Cough Malt*
*Stemcell powder*
*Panalive DS*
*Antidiabetic Drops*
*Piles Care drops*
*Femocare kit*
*Piles Care kit*
*Respicare kit*
*Obicare kit*
*Weight gain kit*
*Slim fit drops*
*Revirone syrup*
*Stonecrush syrup*
*Triphala tab*
*Panazym syrup*
*Acne care kit*
*BP kit*
*Pilovent XL*
*Diabacare kit*
*Diabacare powder*
*Tulsi juice*
*Noni juice*
*Jamun juice*
*Amla juice*
*BNS musaffi syrup*
*Vitiligo kit*
*Eczema cream*
*B-tex cream*
*Thyroid Care drops*
*Thyrocare kit*
Though general health products you can take urself but still you shall confirm the dosage with us according to the age.

Few general health products are such which are given as prescription products too..

For today just learn about the category product’s in BNS and be sure you save it keenly.

From tomorrow I’ll be covering one by one general health products to make you learn it’s uses and benefit’s as per your health issues.

Have A Healthy Day Ahead..


Let’s learn today about *Spirulina and Wheatgrass*
Spirulina and Wheatgrass falls in both general and prescription products category.

Spirulina is mainly known for it’s natural multivitamin properties for maintainance of good health and vitality for the ages above 7 and on…
Wheatgrass is known for being naturally rich in iron and calcium properties for the ages above 7 and on..

Spirulina and Wheatgrass are amazingly beneficial for pregnant ladies throughout their nine months as they both fullfil all the necessary minerals and vitamins requirements including iron and calcium supplements necessary for any pregnant lady.. I must say a healthy and natural substitute of zinc and calcium allopathy tablets.
Spirulina can be taken in following health issues:

General weakness
Morning sickness
Lack of vitamins
Weight loss
Weak eyesight
Wheatgrass can be taken in following health issues:

Iron deficiency
Hemoglobin deficiency
Hair fall issue
For weight loss
Blood pressure
For much detailed information regarding Spirulina and Wheatgrass visit the Links given below:

Study it well and save it keenly for your future reference.
Have A Healthy Day Ahead

Here’s today’s training lesson.

Today we will learn about:
*Musli forte malt and Safed Musli Drops*

Musli herb is well known for its strength and vitality properties..

It falls in general health category and it can be consumed daily for maintenance of body strength. It is also useful for both men and women in regards of maintaining a healthy and happy sexual life.

This Product is for ages above 16 and on..

Those who have their hectic job or business schedule and can’t find time for healthy diet due to which weakness can overcome them, can take the health benefits of this product.

Both malt and drops are equally safe for both men and women as mentioned above.. dosage may vary as per their age and kind of weakness they face..

Both Malt and Drops are to be taken with warm milk twice a day After half hour of meals.

For more information visit the Links given below:
Have A Healthy Day Ahead


Our today’s training lesson is about BNS kalonji oil..

Kalonji oil falls in general health category.

Kalonji is itself a wonder herb with lots of health benefits.. but one might be unaware that it’s oil is the best source of deriving its maximum benefits.
Kalonji oil helps in:

Bone health
Blood pressure
Hair and skin health
Strong immunity
A natural antibiotic etc

Kalonji oil can be used externally as well as internally i.e as an consumption.

5-7 Drops of kalonji oil in warm milk at breakfast is enough for maintenance of a healthy life for adults..

For ages Above 1to5, 3 drops are sufficient.

Kalonji oil mixed with almond oil or coconut oil is beneficial for baby and adult body massage as well as for head massage giving you beautiful long and lustrous hair and Healthy skin with healthy and strong Bone’s.

For more information about kalonji oil kindly visit the link given below:
Have A Healthy Day Ahead..


Today we will learn about kid’s Energy Powder and Energy Flavoured Drinks
These two products falls under general health category.
Kid’s energy powder and Energy Flavoured Drinks from BNS is rich in protien and fibre to give you and energy boost and strong immunity throughout your day.. daily consumption will help you and your kid’s with an energetic life ahead..
It can prove a healthy substitute of your daily breakfast.. specially to those school and college going children’s and working personalities who can’t make up with a healthy breakfast in hurry of their chores.
Kid’s energy powder can be  taken by age 3-10 year old kid’s
Dosage 1-2 tbsp in warm or chilled milk as per the desire.
Energy Flavoured Drinks  can be taken by age above 10 and on..
Dosage 2tsp in 100 ml water or chilled milk as per the desire.
Have A Healthy Day Ahead..