Enlarged Prostate (BPH, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia):
• Enlarged prostate generally affects men over 45 years of age
Symptoms to look for:
• Pain during urination
• Blood in urine
• Incontinence, which is the inability to control the flow of urine
• Ageing
• Factors and conditions related to testicles
Natural home remedy using triphala powder: 
1. Take 1 tbsp of triphala powder, an ayurvedic herb
2. Add it to 250 ml of boiling water
3. Boil for 20 min
4. Strain the liquid
5. Drink when lukewarm
Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberries, turmeric powder and honey:
1. Cut, de-seed and crush 10-11 Indian gooseberries
2. Add a pinch of turmeric powder
3. Add 2 tsp of honey
4. Mix well
5. Have 1 tbsp of this mixture early in the morning