Remain Active & Energetic

85. Home remedies to remain active and energetic
Peel one clove of fresh raw garlic and swallow as if it is a pill. ( don’t attempt to swallow a piece of garlic that is larger than you can handle swallowing) Chop it to the size that you feel you can comfortably swallow using only water to help swallow it down. Yup you will have garlic breath for three hours or so, but you may feel a boost in your energy levels within 5 minutes ! ( don’t swallow more than one clove at a time….garlic is a very strong herb and will have dramatic effect on your physical body)

This second remedy has more to do with digestion but may also improve mood and immunity.

Raw ginger can be peeled and then boiled in chunks in water. Add white sugar or honey to the pot and then drink down once cool enough to drink. The raw ginger will reactivate your digestive sytem and reinvigorate your pallete.