Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly, sometimes known as “nursing food” or “queen food”, os a thick, milky substance secreted from the pharyngeal glands of young worker bees. It is a potent nutrient concentrate that is fed to all bee larvae in their first three days of life; their weight increases by a factor of 1000 during this time! After the first 3 days only the queen continues to be fed royal jelly. Bees aren’t the only things to benefit from royal jelly. Natural medicine uses this secretion as a potent strengthening agent and as a nutritional supplement. It is effective for those with weak hearts and circulation. For those who have difficulty concentrating or have a faulty memory, it is thought to give a boost to the immune system. Royal jelly also stimulates the appetite in children and the elderly. In addition to a highly effective combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates, royal jelly contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antibacterial substances.

In commercial preparations               Natural royal jelly is carefully removed from the queen cell using a spoon. It is then either bottled directly or processed into capsules, which involves freeze-drying the natural product. Careful drying and conservation maintain the effectiveness of the fragile ingredients contained in royal jelly. In this very potent form, royal jelly does not need to be refrigerated.

Therapeutic effect:               Because of the problem, fat and carbohydrates contained in royal jelly, it is especially nourishing and strengthening. Its very potent healing power comes from its vitamins and minerals and from certain substances that are similar to hormones. For this reason, royal jelly is also used as a nutritional supplement fro patients suffering from colds, bronchitis or general weakness.

Components               Royal jelly contains 70% water, as well as protein (with essential amino acids), fat, carbohydrates, vitamins (including the entire B complex), minerals, hormonelike substances, enzymes, antibacterial agents and a natural source of pure acetylcholine.

Symptoms of menopause               Royal jelly is often recommended for patients who are feeling a general malaise or going through menopause. It compensates for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, increases energy and helps fight hot flashes.

Skin damage due to vitamin B deficiency               Cracks in the corners of the mouth, dry, scaly skin on the face and eczema on the hands are the results of a lack of vitamin B in the diet. In these instances, regular use of royal jelly is recommended for a period of four to six weeks.

During convalescence               Many injuries and illness weaken muscles and decrease joint flexibility. Fortunately, royal jelly can help promote the intake of oxygen by the muscles as well as supply necessary vitamins and minerals.

Extra tip : Natural royal jelly tastes somewhat sour and slightly bitter. It should be allowed to melt on the tongue or can be mixed with honey and added to cereal. It is recommended for children who suffer from loss of appetite or for seniors to strengthen their immune systems.

For treating loss of appetite, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, weakened immunity, muscular weakness, skin damage; helpful during any convalescence

Methods of administration

Resistance building royal jelly

This treatment regimen strengthens immunity, maximizes the supply of vitamins and improves general health. Take about 1 tsp. (the product comes with a measuring spoon) of natural royal jelly each day and continue for a period of 6 weeks. Or, take a 200 mg. capsule of royal jelly daily.

Strengthening drink

  • 1 small banana
  • 1 tsp. royal jelly
  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • ¼ cup cold whole milk

Peel and chop the banana and place it in a blender. Add the royal jelly, honey and half the milk; puree. Quickly mix in the rest of the milk. Pour it into a glass for a drink rich in glucose and many vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin rich cereal

  • 2 oz. whole grain rolled oats
  • 2 completely ripe apricots
  • 1 tsp. walnuts, coarsely chopped
  • 1-2 tsp. honey
  • 600 mg. natural royal jelly
  • ½ cup cold whole milk

This vitamin rich cereal is similar to granola. To make it, place the rolled oats in a small bowl. Wash the apricots thoroughly, halve them, remove the pits and finely chop. Mix the apricots and the walnut pieces into the oats. Then stir the honey and the royal jelly into the milk; pour this mixture over the cereal.