Sciatic Pain

Natural Home Remedies for Reducing Sciatic Pain

– A change in the person’s sleeping position will bring about some relief. It is recommended that the sufferer assume a curled, fetal position while sleeping, with a pillow positioned between legs to reduce lower back stress, and to keep the hips in proper alignment.

– Applying alternatively cold packs and hot packs is another option for pain relief. Ice packs placed on pain areas for 20 minutes during the initial few days will reduce any inflammatory conditions present. Follow this up with frequent applications of hot packs to increase blood flow to the area to promote a better natural healing process.

– When the pain comes down to bearable limits, the individual should start walking for 20 to 30 minutes every alternate day. It is important that a sciatic pain sufferer maintain ideal body weight at all times. Walking is not advisable, though, when the pain is severe.

– Consume plenty of water to help the intervertebral discs regain their elasticity and natural position, and too keep the bone joints well lubricated.

Individuals rely much more on natural home remedies when it comes to treating common pains and aches of the body. But they will need to be followed earnestly to begin enjoying positive results.