Shoulder pain

Easy home remedy for back pains,

shoulder pains and other muscle pains.

Easy home remedy for back pains and other muscle pains.

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you a very easy way to treat muscle aches, back pains, shoulder pains and it is a very simple pain relief aid. I constantly have neck and shoulder pains stemming from a car accident years ago. I don’t like to take medication and stumbled upon this very easy solution. It works very well for me and I hope it will for you.


Quick Remedy (very basic and quick)

What you will need:

1. Rice

2. Tube sock (any good length sock is best)

3. Microwave or Freezer

Get a decent size sock and fill it about halfway with rice. Tie off the end of the sock. Put in microwave for 1min at a time till it is nice and warm or in your freezer till it is nice and cold. Set sock on affected area of muscle pain.  You can put it behind your back and kind of sit against it to relieve back pains as well.  Repeat as needed.

Rice tends to hold the heat much better than hot water bottles and this does not need an energy source like heating pads or pillows.

A bit longer but improved solution!

Ok so lets say that you got the basic one and it works for you.

To improve the basic rice sock heater thing…

The following assumes you can navigate basic sewing.

Find some old material (i think flannel type works best) or go buy some new cloth. Using about a 12inch wide by 12inch long piece, fold it in half and sew up the bottom and side so that you have a kind of small sack with the top open. Fill it halfway with rice. You can also add dried herbs to the mix to give it a nice soothing scent. Once you have added the rice and whatever scented herbs just sew up the top portion and your done.

Tip: Try using herbs that smell good and have natural healing properties like Lavender, Eucalyptus etc.

Some people use other fillers that do the same thing like Flax etc.

If you make very small pouches you can use them as hand warmers in your gloves,pockets or footwear.

I hope this helps you out and can give you some relief!