Skin allergies

Skin allergies
You can get skin allergies due to many reasons. Be it the sun, fabric or some vegetable, your skin is extremely sensitive, and the chances of getting allergies are remarkably high. To make it short, skin allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to a substance. Skin allergies heal with time and can be cured by taking proper care. Here, are few home remedies to cure skin allergies naturally! 6 Home remedies to cure skin allergies:
Water: Drink lots of water. Water is the natural cure to skin allergies. It flushes out toxins and cleanses the system. It also thins secretions and heals skin allergies.
Apply oil: Apply warm coconut oil on the skin allergy and leave overnight. It exfoliates the skin and is anti-bacterial. Prefer wearing cotton fabric as it is best for any skin type.
Lemon juice: Just apply lemon juice with the help of a cotton ball on the skin allergy. Another home remedy to cure skin allergies is by mixing coconut oil and lemon juice together. Apply on the skin and leave overnight.
Neem paste: Neem is anti-bacterial and great for any skin problems. To heal skin allergies, soak neem leaves for 6-8 hours and then make a paste of it. Apply on the skin and leave for 30-45 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
Take bath: This is one of the most powerful home remedies to cure skin allergies naturally! Avoid taking hot or warm water bath. Hot water can lead to more skin inflammation. Cold water provides a soothing effect and relaxes the irritation too.