Skin fungus

Tea tree oil is the best skin fungus home remedy. Dilute tea tree oil with olive oil in the ratio of 2: 5, two parts of tea tree oil and five parts of carrier oil, olive oil. Tea tree oil action against skin fungus is well elicited by many practitioners of naturopathy.


Apple cider vinegar is another home remedy which can kill the skin fungus from its roots.  As it can cause irritation to the skin, apply diluted apple cider vinegar with water. Its action is best on the skin fungus that causes white patches imitating vitiligo. These white spots are called tinea versicolor infection. They occur on the face, on the arms, chest and back. Simply dab the diluted vinegar with a cotton ball three to four times in a day for few days until you find the white spots have vanished.


Apply yogurt on the affected skin fungus. Yogurt contains colony of live bacteria that can fight fungus infestation and eradicate them. You can also consume yogurt regularly in your diet.