How To Prevent Snoring – Natural Home

Remedies for Snoring

A sleep centric disorder, mainly caused by obstruction in the free passage of air during breathing; snoring manifests itself in the form of unpleasant sound occurring due to the vibration of respiratory organs such as ‘uvula’ and ‘soft palate’. The unequal flow of air on account of some forms of blockage which gives way to snoring may be the result of various physiological factors. Ranging from weakness in throat leading to its closure, causes of snoring may include mis-positioning of jaw, obstructed nasal passage, sleeping lop sided, use of alcohols and narcotics leading to the relaxation of throat muscles. Tonsil enlargement may also give way to snoring.

Snoring which is characterized by loud and unfriendly noise not only causes disturbance to others, but also becomes a major source of sleep distraction and irritability for the snorer as well. Usually surgical correction of the concerned obstruction leads to the rectification of snoring. But a few natural remedial options may also prove to be effective.

Natural Snoring Treatment – Home Remedies to Prevent Snoring

Given below are few effective home remedies and natural treatment for snoring. Snoring Home Remedies mainly involve few life style changes.

  • Losing weight is one such remedial option. An excessive amount of fatty depositions around the throat may lead to snoring. Moreover obesity also makes way for the blockage of the respiratory tract by similar deposits. Exercising and diet will help you to shed body weight and thus control snoring.
  • Another naturally effective way whereby you can control snoring is by giving up smoking. Smoking leads to nasal and other respiratory tract related congestion which in turn contributes to snoring. Smoking also leads to the relaxation of throat muscles which gives way to snoring. Thus control of smoking will lead to the control of snoring.
  • Similar to smoking, alcohol consumption can also prove to be a bane for snorers, because snoring leads to the release of ‘relaxins’ which give way to smoking. Thus avoiding alcohol can cut down on your smoking. In particular, the consumption of alcohol should be avoided at bedtime.
  • The same is true of sleep inducing medication which contributes to the sedation of muscle cells of throat which in turn brings about snoring. Thus as much as possible such pills should not be used.
  • Adjustments and switching over one’s sleeping posture may also make way for the control of snoring. Rather than lying on backside, a snore free sleep is more attuned to lying on sides. It serves to prevent your tongue from dropping inside and obstructing your throat.
  • Lying on sides may be facilitated by the use of side pillow which covers the full length of your body.
  • Proper elevation of the back pillow may also account for the reduction of snoring. By helping the elevation of chest; there is a change in the gravitational center. On account of the change, the pressure nearing the region of throat is reduced giving way to the control of snoring.
  • Sleep therapy with the help of physical exercises may also bring about the reduction of snoring. As part of the sleep therapy, snorers are trained how to breathe through their nose which in turn reduces snoring. They are encouraged to draw in long breaths by way of their nose rather than their mouth.
  • Certain exercises involving the use of oral passage and throat are also effective in controlling snoring. The exercising which gives way to the toning of throat muscle proves counterproductive for snoring.
  • Following dinner use of mouth wash with salt content also helps free the air way from dirt and impurities. An unobstructed air way definitely helps control snoring.
  • In many cases congestion in the nasal passage may give way to snoring. By using decongestants one may overcome conditions of congestion. Besides you can make your own salt water solution to be sprayed or dropped into your nose. One fourth tea spoon of salt may be added to seven to eight ounces of uncontaminated water. The said solution can act as an effective nasal drop.
  • Caffeine consumption should be reduced substantially so that you can overcome snoring.
  • Go for three to four small meals, rather than one single heavy meal. Particularly heavy meal before pushing off to bed should be avoided.
  • In fact, a healthy diet regime may also prove to be effective in controlling snoring. It is advisable that you dine at least two to three hours before going to bed. The dinner should be light in terms of its carbohydrate content. Excess sweets and carbonated drinks taken at dinner may prove to be productive from the point of view of snoring. So they should be avoided at bed time. Excess of dairy products as part of one’s diet also contributes to snoring. So consumption of full cream milk, cream and butter should be controlled.
  • If required humidifiers should be used to ensure moisture in the bed room. Too much of dryness also proves to be encouraging from the point of view of snoring.

Apart from the natural home centric measures which involve a few changes in life style; there are other medically prescribed mechanical devices like ‘nasal strips’ , ‘oral and dental appliances to control snoring. Snoring in spite of the remedial measures and complicating into “sleep apnea” calls for immediate medical advice