Sore Nipples

Sore Nipples:
• Sore nipples is a common problem faced by new mothers
• The condition can make it difficult for a woman to breastfeed
Symptoms to look for:
• Cracked and painful nipples
• Yeast infection
• Improper feeding position makes it difficult for the baby to suck milk and results in tearing of nipples
Natural home remedy using basil leaves:
1. Crush a handful of basil leaves to make paste
2. Apply this paste on the affected area
3. Wash off before the feeding session
4. Do this several times a day
Natural home remedy using ice:
1. Take a few ice cubes
2. Wrap them in a clean piece of cloth
3. Place this on the affected area for 2-3 min
4. Repeat this 3 times a day
Natural home remedy using aloe vera:
1. Take a few aloe vera leaves
2. Remove the thorns and the outer skin
3. Extract its gel from inside
4. Apply this gel on the nipples
5. Make sure to wash it off before the next feeding session