Sore Throat in Kids

Home Remedies Sore Throat In Children

When one is suffering from a sore throat, it is uncomfortable, especially since it is scratchy and painful when one has to swallow anything, especially cold and hard substances. The sore throat is usually caused by the pharynx getting inflamed which causes the discomfort.

1. Keeping The Nasal Passages Clear

When one has a cold and a running nose, the blocked nose leads to the mouth being kept open for which the throat becomes dry and a sore throat develops:
• It is best to use decongestants before one hits the bed
• A mild salt solution prepared with tepid water and used to clear the nose as a saline nasal spray will help to keep the nasal passages clear

2. Take Rest

It is best that children are advised to stay in bed:
• As they rest they save up more energy to counter the sore throat
• Staying warm and sleeping in will help them to recover faster

3. Gargling

It is imperative that children be taught how to gargle with tepid warm water when they have a sore throat:
• Gargling with salt and warm water will help to soothe the throat
• Sage is a great herb which can be added to warm water and its extract used to gargle
• Turmeric and salt added to tepid warm water will also help to reduce the infection in the throat

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

It is known to be an excellent cure for sore throat. It can be used in the following ways to provide relief:
• Apple cider vinegar added to hot water along with honey can be sipped like a beverage
• The vinegar mixed with salt in warm water can be used as a solution to gargle

5. Try The Horseradish Cure

If your child is above two years old and is willing to experiment you can make the following concoction with:
• Horseradish
• Honey
• Clove
About a teaspoon of each ingredient should be mixed in warm water and drunk to obtain relief.

6. Citrus Based Fruits And Juices

It is best to provide lot of vitamin C to your child in the form of citrus fruits or juices:
• Lemon juice added to warm water
• Lemon juice, honey and warm water would make a comforting drink for one suffering from sore throat

7. Having Juice Bars

This is a favorite remedy for children:
• Having a juice bar can help numb the throat infection
• The ice chunks should be allowed to melt in the mouth

8. Drinking Hot Fluids

Children should be encouraged to have warm or hot fluids like:
• Hot chocolate
• Nutritional drinks
• Home made soups

9. Ginger Laced Candies

While children might not be willing to suck on pieces of ginger which is beneficial for sore throat, they can opt for:
• Hard candies flavored with ginger
• Sweet, licorice candies
These are known to work on the sore throat.

10. Taking Steam

It is best that the children be made to take steam or hot showers at least:
• The hot steam helps to open up the nasal passageways
• The steam moistens the throat and provides relief

11. Covering The Throat

When children suffer from a sore throat during winter it is best to:
• Wrap them up in warm clothes
• Keep the throat covered and warm with a comforter or a scarf

12. Increase Fluid Intake

Children face decreased appetite when they have a cold. If they have a sore throat they will not want to eat solids. One needs to give them:
• More of fluids to keep the system hydrated and flushed of toxins
• The warm fluids like soups and stews will supplement the lack of solids and keep up the nutritional levels