Sore throat

Natural ways to get rid of sore


Mango bark:

It is very effective in the treatment of sore throat and also in some throat disorders.By grinding mango bark squeeze the fluid and add 10 ml of fluid with mix of 125ml of water.It can be use as gargle and also use that fluid by applying on the affected area

Bishop’s weed:
It is very useful in the treatment of sore throat.An infusion of seeds mixed with salt can be beneficially as a gargle in an acute condition.
It is regarded as effective remedy in the treatment of sore table spoon of cinnamon powder boiled in a glass of water and two spoons of honey can be taken as a medicine in the treatment of throat disorder.
Henna leaves are very helpful in the treatment of sore throat.Boil henna leaves in water and decoction of that leaves can be used as a gargle.
Holy basil:
To relieve a sore throat holy basil leaves are very useful in this treatment.Take some leaves and boil them in water then take that drink,it can also be used as gargle.
Tea decoction:
Tea leaves are very useful in the treatment of sore throat.This decoction mixed with a pinch of salt should be used as a gargle.It should be done 2 to 3 times for a better result.
Tamarind also beneficial in the treatment of sore throat.Gargle the tamarind water or powder of dry leaves also used for preparation of gargle.
Easy tips for soothing a sore throat:
  • Try to serve food at room temperature.
  • Have soft foods which do not require much chewing.
  • Don’t eat hurry as this may irritating for the throat.
  • Avoid smoking,spicy,oil and salty food,deep fried foods,sweets,ice creams etc…
  • Take rest a lot it gives you strength to fight off the virus.
  • Salt water gargle also one of the best remedy in the treatment of sore throat.gargle with luke warm water mix of 2 to 3 pinches of salt.
  • keep cloves in the mouth,it releases the oil which helps to soothe the throat and also keeps your breath fresh.