Home remedies for spondylitis

Spondylitis, a form of spondylopathy, is caused by the inflammation of the vertebra and is a common cause of neck and back pain. Spondylitis develops gradually and unobtrusively, with the patient only becoming aware of the condition once it has matured. The pain, at times excruciating, is usually the first indication the patient has that something is amiss. This pain is usually concentrated around the neck, shoulder and lower back and radiates outwards along the limbs.

The three types of spondylitis are categorized according to the region of the body that is affected. Cervical spondylitis affects the cervical spine causing the pain to radiate outwards along the back of the neck, shoulders, spine and arms. Lumbar spondylitis affects the lumbar region while ankylosing spondylitis affects the sacroiliac joints.

Cervical spondylitis
Boil some dried ginger in small quantity of water to prepare a decoction. Add some pure castor oil in it. Take two tablespoon of this infusion before going to the bed.

  • Keep away from cold.
  • Avoid sour foods like tamarind, curd etc.
  • Avoid refined flour. Eating wheat flour with husk is very beneficial.
  • Do yoga exercises as they are most effective in cervical spondylitis.
  • Take care of your posture while sitting or writing.
  • Massage the back of the neck with warm sesame oil twice a day.
  • Drink one teaspoon of turmeric (haldi) mixed with 1 cup of warm milk at bed time.
  • Apply a hot fomentation on the neck with the help of salt poultice.
  • Boil some mustard oil with dried ginger for fifteen minutes. Massage it on the back of the neck.
  • Neem is a very useful herb for cervical spondylitis. Take some leaves of neem and pestle them in mortar to get a fine paste. Take this paste internally, early in the morning.
  • Take a clove of garlic on an empty stomach, daily.