Home Remedies for Stuttering/Stammering

  • For curing stammering in children, give children fresh green Indian gooseberry to chew, for 2-3 days, slowly but steadily it works.
  • Take 7 almonds and 7 black pepper beads beat them in water and prepare a fine paste, add few rock sugars and lick the paste early morning for 15 days to cure stuttering
  • Taking black pepper powder with butter , for few days early morning cures stuttering.
  • Placing bay leaf under tongue improves speech and word pronunciation in stuttering.
  • Take puffed up borax with honey and rub it on tongue to heal stammering.
  • Root cause of stammering is tongue broadness. Practicing this remedy reduces tongue thickness and helps in curing stuttering take fresh coriander leaves and golden tree flower, beat them in water and filter off the water. Use the filtered water to gargle mouth for 21 days.
  • Apply almond oil on head on regular basis.
  • Apply two drops of almond oil on nose before sleeping at night.