Product Description:

Calculi or stone is a solid/ crystal sedimentation formed in the urinary system. It is also called as Urolithiasis. It is mainly formed from the dietary minerals and waste materials found in the urine. It is usually comprised as a compound called Calcium oxalate or Phosphate. These are result of an accumulation of dissolved minerals on the inner surface of urinary system like Kidneys etc. It may have different sizes. Some of them have the size of a pin head and may be pass unnoticed through urine without causing any symptoms. Some of them have enough size to obstruct urinary passage and can cause symptoms like pain,etc. These can be grouped and classified according to the location and chemical composition.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney stones:

Kidney stones are leave the body by the passage of the urine and not causes any symptoms if they are in small size. But if it is great in size (size more than 3mm), they can cause obstruction of the ureter. If they obstruct the ureter may cause symptoms like pain,etc.


What are the causes and risk factors?
1) Poor fluid intake
2) Chronic Alcoholism
3) Use of medicines: Use of excess diuretics, calcium containing antacids, excess vitD and A.
4) Due to some diseases
5) High Animal protein Intake
6) High calcium intake

Our Product STONE CRUSH helps to dissolve the stone and provide relief in urination and pain. It gradually decays the stone and reduces its size and allows it to easily pass through urination and relieves you from oxalate. It contains a proper mixture of different ayurvedic herbs which do not have any side effects.


S.No Ingredients Each 100 ml contains
1 Shwet Parpali 250 mg
2 Moolishar 250 mg
3 Sendha Namak 250 mg
4 Punarnava 500 mg
5 Akcharmool 500 mg
6 Sajikhar 250 mg
7 Gokharu 450 mg
8 Besan Chal 500 mg
9 Kulthi 400 mg
10 Pasan Bhed 400 mg
11 Palash Pushp 400 mg
12 Makoy 250 mg
13 Kakadi 250 mg
14 Chadila 250 mg
15 Panchtra Mool 500 mg
16 Flavoured Syrup Base,

Preservatives , Additives &



Dosage: 10-20 ml with 1-2 cup of water twice in a day or as directed by the physician.