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– Strep Throat Home Remedies

Strep throat which is caused by ‘Streptococcus bacteria’ of the Group A variety is one of the most frequently bacterial infections. Common particularly among children the highly contagious bacterial infection is marked by sudden fever with spike in temperature around the second day, redness of throat with white patches, nausea, feeling of chill and swelling of lymphatic nodes. In the absence of proper treatment it may lead to rheumatic fever, infection in the ear and complications in kidney.

Given below are some natural treatment to cure Strep throat. These are some effective Strep throat home remedies that can reduce the irritation and discomfort caused by the disease. Besides the routine administration of anti biotins, some of the natural homemade remedies include the following.

Home Remedies for Strep Throat – Natural Treatments for Strep Throat

  • Warm water gurgling with salt added as a disinfectant works wonderfully in deactivating the harmful bacteria. Usually half tea spoon of salt may be added to a cup full of warm water.
  • Drinking warm liquid particularly lemon tea with a dash of honey is an excellent home remedial option. Certain herbal brands of tea with their analgesic property also help to energize and reduce the intensity of pain and headache.
  • Sucking popsicles may help to sooth irritation and discomfort in throat.
  • Humidifiers and cool vaporizers may also induce a pleasant sensation.
  • Candies and lozenges may also help counteract the painful feeling.
  • A gelly comprising gelatin, fruit juice and honey may be prepared at home. Gulping down a spoonful of the resulting mixture serves to bring instant relief.
  • In case you have lost your voice on account of the bacterial infection, a spoonful of sunflower oil serves to reduce soreness apart from ensuring your vocal ability. In fact in order to reduce the occurrence of sore throat sunflower oil is an effective preventive means.
  • Chewing the naturally sweet stems of angelica may help alleviate painfulness.
  • In fact, naturally made oils of lime, thyme and geranium may be diluted in olive oil for external application of the same to the painful throat. Having the throat covered thereafter will be magically relieving.
  • Sometimes application of liquid herbs on the affected throat also proves to be relieving.
  • Garlic with its anti biotic nature helps the system to fight against the bacterial infection.
  • Similarly sage with its anti inflammatory qualities may be taken either as tablet or as tincture to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Warm baths or sponging help to reduce irritation and counter inflammation caused in lymph nodes.
  • Either excessively warm or its other extreme should be avoided in case of an infected throat. Preferably the ones soft in texture and moderate in temperature should be had.