Sujok for headache

Getting Rid Of The Forehead Headache

Let’s begin with the case where you have a headache in your forehead area.

Find on the thumb of the left or the right hand the most painful point in an area corresponding to a frontal part of the head as shown in the following picture.


Press this point with a moderate effort and begin a slow rotation of the stick in two directions. Carry out this massage for several minutes and the headache would disappear.


You could apply the same procedure on other fingers of the right and left hand.


While you do that it’s crucial to have the intention making yourself feel good. Do not think “i want pain to go away”, but “I feel good”. If you think about pain, you will get pain.

If the pain doesn’t go away massage a few extra points as shown on the following picture. Massage the points with the constant moderate effort while slightly rotating the thumb, without moving it. This point should not be stimulated if you are pregnant.



Another technique is to stick grains of buckwheat to the painful points and leave them there for a couple of hours to ensure that the pain doesn’t return. You can use a band-aid to keep the grains in place.

Getting Rid Of The Headache On Sides Of The Head

Apply the same techniques as described earlier using the following pictures:



Getting Rid Of The Headache On The Top And Back Of The Head

And again, use the same techniques, but using the following pictures, first using the back of the thumb of the left hand:



and then using the fingers of the left hand: