Symptoms of cancer


Cancer is the most deadliest disease. There are up to 200 types of cancer. Each cancer has different symptoms from other type of cancer. Many people die of cancer every year around the globe. The only way to survive cancer is to detect it at an early stage.


Here we list the signs of most common types of cancer which helps you detect the cancer at an early stage

Breast cancer is most common in women. Self-examination of your breast is most important. The only way to detect the breast cancer early is to check for lumps in your breast.

Blood Cancer is also the most common type of cancer we have seen in many. The specific symptom of blood cancer is a low key fever (not high temperature) and water retention in the body.

Every year many people are dying of colon cancer. If you see the blood in your stool then you are suspected having this colon cancer.

The most common symptoms of mouth cancer is having difficulty in swallowing food, suffering from shoulder pain and persistent throat. We can detect this cancer easily by lesions and swelling in the oral cavity.

If you can’t digest anything and you feel stomach burn then you are suspected having stomach cancer.

We can detect melanoma skin cancer easily by skin discolourtaion where as non-melanoma skin cancer is identified by lumps under the skin and lesions.

The signs of having lung cancer is you may suffer from frequent attacks of pneumonia and bronchitis and also you will feel short breathe all the time.

Vaginal bleeding is common during period. But excessive bleeding in between periods is unnatural and suspected. It is a sign of uterine cancer.