Tips for Glowing Skin

1.    Milk And Lime Juice:

Mix raw milk with lime juice and add a bit of salt. Apply this mixture on your face. This would open up the pores in your skin and cleanse out all the debris.

2.     Cucumber Juice, Rose Water And Glycerin:

Mix cucumber juice with rose water and glycerin. Apply it on your skin for 15 minutes and then rinse off. This mixture protects your skin from sun damage.

3.    Turmeric, Sandalwood And Milk:

Mix a bit of turmeric with sandalwood powder. Blend this mixture using milk. Apply this paste on your skin and let it remain for 5 minutes. This would make your skin appear bright and fresh.

4.    Honey:

Mix some honey with cream and apply on your face. This would make your skin moist, soft and bright.

5.   Grapes:

Grapes are highly beneficial for your skin. You can directly scrub your skin using grapes or you can create a juice out of them and apply it on your skin. This will make your skin soft and bright.

6.    Tomato Juice:

For a glowing and healthy skin apply a mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice.

7.    Turmeric, Sesame Oil And Wheat Flour:

For removing facial hair apply a mixture of turmeric powder, sesame oil and wheat flour.

8.    Honey And Cabbage Juice:

For preventing wrinkles apply a mixture of cabbage juice and honey.

9.     Carrot Juice:

For a glowing skin apply some carrot juice.

10.    Cinnamon Powder And Honey:

Mix a little cinnamon powder with honey and apply it on your skin. Let it remain overnight. This is a great treatment for pimples. It also helps in removing the scars left by pimples.

11.    Lime Juice And Groundnut Oil:

For preventing blackheads and pimples apply a mixture of lime juice and groundnut oil.

12.    Aloe Vera Juice:

For reducing skin pigmentation, apply Aloe Vera juice on your face. This would also make the skin moist.

13.    Glycerin And Ghee:

For a moist skin apply a mixture of glycerin and ghee.

14.    Multanimitti, Neem, Rose Petals And Tulsi:

For a glowing and healthy skin apply a mixture of multanimitti, powdered leaves of neem, rose petals, rose water and powdered leaves of tulsi.

15.    Yogurt And Apricots

Apply a paste of yogurt and apricots to get a fresh-looking skin. If your skin is dry then add a little honey to this mixture.