Top anti aging foods


Top anti aging foods:





          Berries are very helpful to fight ageing.Strawberries,
cranberries,blueberries,blackberries etc..eating Strawberries will protect you from sun damage and boost you to defense skin cancer.Eating one cup of strawberries daily it delivers 130 percent of vitamin c and also helps in age related dryness.
Remaining cranberry,blackberry,blueberry are rich in antioxidant compounds which are helpful to slow down the growth of cancers and improve brain functions,muscle tone,balance etc..Tomatoes:


Tomato contain lycopene,it is an antioxidant compound which helps to keep your skin youthful and also reduce the risk of cancers such as prostate,lung,stomach cancers especially.You can also get lycopene from guava,carrot,watermelon,pink grapes,redpepper etc…Having more intake of lycopene protects us from sunburn.


Herbs and spices:
Turmeric and ginger will helps in reducing the risk of age related diseases.It contains anti-inflammatory compounds.In garlic and onions contains antioxidants which helps in reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases.


Fishes which are high in Omega-3,such as tuna,salmon,sardines.It helps your skin youthful and prevent skin cancer. omega-3 are good for skin and heart diseases.


Broccoli contains pytho chemicals which helps to reduce the risk of wrinkles and age related dryness .Alternatives for this are cabbage,sprouts,cauliflower,radish etc….


This one is most surprising to all,so many people thought chocolates causes acnes.Truly there is no connection between chocolates and skin problems.Some type of chocolates may good for skin.By consuming cocoa contained drinks daily for 12weeks improves skin texture.cocoa contain flavonoid called epicatechin.It increases blood flow to the skin boost up the nutrients and oxygen supply.These factors are very essential to keep skin healthy.


Egg yolk:
Egg yolk contain lutein which protects you from uv damage.lutein also helps to keep your eyes healthy.Lutein will reduce the age-related macular degeneration, leading cause of blindness in people.


Onions provide high levels of quercetin,an antioxidant of the flavonoid and important anti-inflammatory.Inflammation is a factor causing many age related conditions and loss of skin elasticity.


lycopene and beta carotene compunds makes the pumpkin orange.It protects you from uv damage.Beta carotene in the pumpkin converted into vitamin A inside the body.which helps to keep your eyes,bones and immune system healthy.