Urine Incontinence

Urine Incontinence:

• Incontinence is the inability to control the flow of urine

• It’s a very embarrassing and troublesome condition

• In order to urinate, one needs to contract the muscles of the bladder

• In incontinence, the person is unable to control the bladder muscles and thus, the flow of urine


Symptoms to look for:


• Overall Incontinence:

   o Accidental release of urine

• Urge Incontinence:

   o Sudden urge to urinate




• Ageing

• Constipation

• Excessive alcohol or caffeine intake

• Urinary tract infection

• Hormonal changes during pregnancy and child birth


Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberry, turmeric powder and honey:


1. Cut and de-seed 1 Indian gooseberry

2. Crush the Indian gooseberry into paste

3. Add a pinch of turmeric powder

4. Add 1 tsp of honey

5. Mix well

6. Have 1 tsp of this mixture every morning

7. Do this for 4 weeks to strengthen the prostate muscles


Natural home remedy using milk, fennel seeds and sugar:


1. Take 1 glass of warm milk

2. Add 1 tsp of fennel seeds in it

3. Mix 4 tbsp of sugar in 1 glass water

4. Heat the sugar and water solution till it become a syrup

5. Add 2 tbsp of this sugar syrup to the milk