Kegel exercises work to condition your pelvic floor muscles, strengthening your uterus and rectum.

The ability of a uterus to stretch, grow, contract, and push out a baby is a huge feat. It requires strong tissue and organ strength. Knowing how to strengthen your uterus is valuable for all pregnant women. However, since women preparing for a VBAC have scar tissue on their uterus, it becomes even more impdrative to strengthen their tissue. There are some things pregnant women can do to make sure their uterus is in tip-top shape when it is time for labor and delivery.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

When doing research on this issue I came across several websites that claim red raspberry leaf tea is great for uterine strengthening. For example, the Families.com Pregnancy Blog discusses the benefits of drinking red raspberry leaf tea to ensure that every contraction during labor is efficient.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga has been shown to benefit a pregnant woman greatly. Not only does yoga strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and uterus, but it also increases circulation and flexibility. There are programs all across the country that offer prenatal classes. Hospitals and even gyms are quickly beginning to see the benefits and offer more opportunities for pregnant women. However, if you live in a small town or simply don’t have the time or money to attend a weekly class, here are some great prenatal yoga DVDs:
Prenatal Yoga-Complete Home Practice
Prenatal- Vinyasa Yoga

Healthy Body

When your body is healthy and strong, your uterus is healthy and strong. Receiving the proper nutritian and sleep is essential for uterus strength and labor preparation. This means you should always eat a balanced diet and take your prenatal vitamins religiously.

Belly Dancing

Some believe that the rocking motion involved in belly dancing helps strengthen and condition the uterus for pregnancy. If you are too embarrassed to try belly dancing, it is said that doing squats also improves uterine strength.

Vitamin C

When a woman preparing for VBAC consumes vitamin C with bioflavinoids, it strengthens her uterine scar tissue. Scar tissue is strengthened by adding collagen to the skin. Consuming vitamin C with bioflavinoids is a great way to absorb these vitamins. Try eating oranges with the soft white skin still remaining.

Every woman wants to enter labor without fear or hesitation. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure your mind and body are completely prepared. Preparing your body means you must also condition your uterus. The stronger your uterus, the more confidence you will have when it comes time to labor. If you are pregnant, try these uterine strengthening techniques. There is no harm in trying!