Uterus Swelling

Home remedies for uterus swelling
Before trying to shrink an enlarged uterus naturally, it is important for you to determine the factors that may have caused the problem. In case your doctor confirms that the enlargement has occurred due to uterine fibroids, there are a few natural remedies you can use, to bring the swelling down.

Given below are a few herbal and home remedies for a swollen uterus caused by fibroids

This herb increases the levels of progesterone in your body and reduces the symptoms of fibroids. You can either use chaste-berry in the tea or supplement form. In order to maximize the benefits of this herb, you should combine it with raspberry, which also benefits the female body in several different ways.

Castor Oil:
A pack made from soothing warm castor oil is very effective in treating the symptoms of fibroids. You can easily prepare this pack at home by dipping a piece of cotton or flannel in some castor oil. Wring out the excess oil and warm the pack in a microwave for a couple of seconds. Place the warm castor oil pack over the swollen part of the abdomen. To enhance the effects of this remedy, cover the pack with some plastic wrap and top it with a hot water bottle. Try to recline or lie down when the pack is over the uterus. The castor oil is thought to penetrate your skin and heal the internal organs.

Increase your consumption of Soy products, like soymilk and tofu, as they help your body produce a smaller amount of estrogen.

Since this seed contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, it helps reduce inflammation and controls the growth of tumors all over the body. Flaxseed can also rid your body of toxins, as well as excessive estrogen.