Viral Fever

Home Remedies to Treat Viral Fever


• The main thing in viral is that your immunity and strength goes down. A person feels low and energy-less. Eating good and protein rich food gives a boost to your immunity. I have heard people saying, “I do not feel like having anything”. Please do not do that. It is not about taste but your health. If you’ll not eat, you’ll not be able to rebuild your immunity. No amount of rest will make you better if you do not eat well. Also, eat freshly prepared food only.


Home Remedies to Treat Viral Fever


• Eat vitamin C rich food. Have mausamis, oranges, lemon juice according to their availability and your liking. The beta carotenes in these fruits help rebuilding immunity.


• Drink lots of water, it will not only keep you hydrated but will also help flush out toxins.


• Have ginger and garlic in your food. They prove to be really good in fighting cold, swellings, etc.


• Have bananas and apples. These are rich in calcium, iron and electrolytes.


• You should always have your share of nuts (dry fruits); it always builds up immunity owing to the nutrients they contain.


• Foods like carrots contain carotene and builds immunity and strength in your body. You may have it raw or as carrot juice. (Oh I love carrot juice. I am salivating :P )


• Normally, it is propagated that we should not eat curd while we are ill with viral but I have heard fresh homemade curd should be taken in such illness too. It aids your digestion and helps build immunity like other foods I have mentioned above. It is the sour or processed curd which harms our health.



• Just as we normally say, do not eat the wrong combinations. It will worsen the conditions for you. Like I said, eating fresh curd is good in viral too, but that does not mean you will eat other sour things with it too. Heavy foods and cold drinks/ cold water should be completely avoided.


• Juices do no harm if they are not so sour. In fact fresh fruits will help you get better.


• Cleanliness is very very important in viral. Cleaning hands, sneezing in a hanky, wearing fresh clean clothes, not going in close contact with anyone and keeping the area around you clean are a few tips. The point is that you have to recover and at the same time not pass the infection to your loved ones.


• Lying in the bed and having medicine may control the infection but in order to regain the lost immunity and the chubby cheeks (face becomes dull in viral) you have to eat good and cultivate good habits too.
Home remedy for fever: Take 6 freshly plucked tulsi leaves, some solid black pepper and 10 grams crystal sugar (mishri). Churn these three things with water to make a paste and drink the same. Repeat this for a few days to get relieved from any kind of fever and not just viral fever.