Voice Hoarseness

Home Remedies to cure Voice Hoarseness:-

Black Pepper:- Try 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper powder & 1 teaspoon of clarified Butter.

Honey:- Add a little honey to the juice of 10 basil leaves and lick slowly. A spoonful is sufficient to restore the voice.

Apple cider vinegar :- For laryngitis a folk remedy from Vermont uses one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to half glass of water, taken every hour for seven hours. Must Read about Health Care to help your family health

Ginger :- Peel the skin from a small ginger root. Slice the root into thin coins and place the pieces into a small pot of water. Boil the pieces to make tea. The tea should turn a yellowish (straw) or tan color. Add three tablespoons of your favorite honey to sweeten the tea. Sip the hot tea slowly. The tea gives a sharp tingle to the throat after swallowing it. After you sip it, gently clear your throat. This tea also works for trying to get your voice back after a cold.

Onion syrup :- Another excellent gargle is made from onion syrup, honey and lemon. To make the onion syrup: slice three large onions and put them in four or five cups of water; simmer until syrupy; strain. Next, put five or six tablespoonful of the syrup into a glass of warm water, along with a tablespoon of honey and a dash of lemon. Sip slowly.

Roasted Grams:- At night, eat roasted grams and drink warm water on it to get relief.

Turmeric :- Put little turmeric in hot milk and then drink it to get relief.
Most hoarseness does not require treatment and in such cases modified vocal rest is sufficient.