Warts Removal

Warts removal

1. Lemon
Lemon is a fabulous citrus fruit that is a good source pH. Lemon juice can remove warts by detoxifying tissue of wart. Dab your finger or affected area twice a day with organic lemon juice.

2. Baking sodaBaking soda is another good option to remove warts. Mix one tsp of white vinegar with baking soda and use this dissolve on the wart twice a day.

3. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for wart removal. It contains strong anti inflammatory properties which are very effective to get rid of bacteria and virus that mainly causes warts. Most people who faced wart cited ACVs effectiveness to remove their wart without any pain. Wash your affected area before and after use. First dip one cotton ball with ACV and put it on the wart. Then cover it with duct tape for minimum one day. By using this remedy for few weeks your wart should be removed. Use it before going bed and remove morning.

4. Garlic
Garlic is a great herb in your kitchen that can take help to remove warts. Mash some garlic juice and then apply on wart. Dot this twice a day.

5. Witch hazel
Witch hazel is one of the commonly used home remedies for wart removal. Apply Witch Hazel to affected area with cotton ball. After few minutes rinse
with water.

6. Essential oil
Various oil can help to heal and restoration of the skin before and after removing wart. Clove oil, Vitamin E oil, Vitamin A oil, Garlic capsule oil, Castrol oil, lavender oil, Frankincense oil, wheat germ oil, canola oil, lemon essential oil are good home remedies for removing wart and make the skin’s natural again. Rub few drops , any of these oils or mix with other remedies. It will surely help your skin restoration and revitalization process.

7. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is great natural herbs for healing skin damage. Aloe Vera gel can be extracted from natural plant from your garden. First take a leaf and cut the tip. Then let drain the juice and collect them. Freeze them and then apply to your affected area. Before and after wash affected area.

8. Duct tape
Duct tape is widely used in home remedies for wart removal, blister and athletes’ feet. Use it after using any remedies like tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar. You can also use it with some toothpaste for the whole night.

9. Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is an excellent antiseptic that can help to remove wart quickly. Simply dub a cotton ball with tea tree oil and apply directly to affected area. It works slowly but surely.

10. Vegetable
Some little change in diet is also important when you are dealing with a wart. It is suggested to take high fiber food and vegetable. Food contains vitamin E and C is essential for restoration of your damaged skin tissues. Also the intake good amount of water is important to ensuring moistening of skin tissue.