White eyebrows


Typically one of the causes of white hair or even gray hair is an imbalance in the amount of the two chemicals that are present in melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives the hair and even the skin its color. Another one of the causes of premature white eyebrow hair is excessive smoking which results in the nicotine present in tobacco adversely affecting the pigmentation. One of the roots causes or the primary causes for white hairs in eyebrows and even premature graying is malnutrition which results in the minimization in the production of melanin. Similarly premature white eyebrow hair is also known to be caused by an autoimmune disorder known as vitiligo or other medical conditions such as anemia and albinism.

Aging is another is another one of the causes for white hair. This condition is mostly found in men rather than in women because of their hormonal differences. One of the home remedies for treating premature white eyebrow hair is to ensure that one is consuming a balanced diet and thereby allowing the body to receive all the required nutrients and vitamins in sufficient quantities. Similarly white hairs in eyebrows can also be prevented by ensuring that one gets sufficient amount of sleep and as far as possible avoid any overly stressful situations.


The phenomena of eyelashes turning white may be on account of various factors which may either be certain natural causes or may also be on account of certain genetic disorders or medical conditions. While deciding on the exact white eyelashes causes one should ensure that they are able to rule out any medical or health related issues that may be causing the white eyebrows. This can be done through a detailed family history check, skin and eye exams and other such medical tests. Another one of the common white eyelashes causes is aging which is a natural process and as such can be combated with hair color or even certain vegetable dyes that are natural and safe to use. One of the home remedies for eyelashes turning white is to apply some castor oil or even olive oil to the eyelashes. Excessive application of eye makeup or even improper removal of the makeup before going to bed may result in the eyelashes turning white or even falling. Those who use mascara often should ensure that they use a good eye makeup remover and take the mascara off gently. Another one of the white eyelashes causes may also be a medical condition known as vitiligo and this would require further medical investigation and care