Winter health – B prash


Where it’s all about dreams. B prash is a herbal sugar free  malt that supports you with energy, vitality and positivity – every step of the way towards your dreams. Whatever they may be… Becoming healthier and happier, finding the love of your life, getting great grades at school, or becoming employee of the month at work! Whether you’re with family and friends. Or just by yourself. Charge yourself with a mouthful of nourishing Bprash malt. And start making your dreams real.

Enjoy the good taste and take health benefits of AloeVera.

Sugar Free Aloe and rich Vitamin C.

Being acceptable for diabetic patients can be the greatest characteristic.


Effect Of Aloe 

Improve blood circulation, Prevents coronary heart disease, Relieves gastrointestinal problems, Works as an antioxidant, Aids in digestion, Aids in kidney and liver functions, Prevent hair loss, Constipation and unpleasant breath, Fatigue recovery, Weight loss, The strengthening of joints and cancer fighting, Improve the immune system function, Promote skin health, and Protect the cardiovascular system.


No preservatives, No artificial coloring, No artificial flavor, No fat, No GMO Contains pure aloe and dry fruits.