Yoga for myopia

Yoga for Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness is a common problem. When you spot trendy glasses everywhere – from rimless to librarian glasses, you know that myopia is becoming quite common all around. Yoga is a good way to cure myopia – the eye exercises strengthen the muscles that are used regularly and even tones up those eye muscles that are misused by faulty viewing habits. Eye muscles, like all muscles, tend to get stiff and this lack of elasticity leads to poor vision.

With yoga muscles you can tone up those muscles and increase the elasticity. In fact, it’s better if you can get your kids to do them, irrelevant of the fact that they have glasses or not.


Let’s Look At Some Of The Trataka (Fixed Eye Gazing) Exercises:

  • Look at a wall and find a small spot that you can view clearly. Focus on that tiny spot without frowning and straining. If you begin to strain, then just take a break. Also, do not move your head or neck while gazing at the spot. If you feel that you’ve begun to look at other spots on the wall, then remember that it’s natural. So even if you’re distracted, just continue with the exercise. The more you do this exercise the more focused you will become.
  • Do the same with a spot in the floor. Pick out a spot on the floor and stare at it without blinking. After a while, blink and return your gaze at the spot on the wall. Breathe deeply while doing these exercises.
  • You have to roll your eyes – far into your head. After that, roll your eyes in their sockets. The idea is to go as low as possible. Blink after you’re done to relax the eye muscles.
  • Now do this exercise (the previous one) by turning your eyes from the left to the right. You need to keep your vision at shoulder level. You can place two small rulers on your shoulders to help you. Do not strain your eyes while doing this exercise.
  • Wash your eyes in the night and then in the morning with cold water.

Jala Neti (Nasal Irrigation With Water):

Here is a yoga exercise to flush out the infection from the throat, sinuses and nasal tract. This helps in reducing and eliminating strain and congestion from the eyes, which finally helps in improving vision. There is special neti pot for this procedure – it has a pointed spout for pouring the water.

It’s advisable to use lukewarm water with a bit of table salt as saline water has more soothing affect and doesn’t hurt the nasal tract. It’s very important to do this under the guidance of a yoga teacher.